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For these activity assignments throughout the advance you will charge to advertence the abstracts in the ROI Excel spreadheet. Download it here.  For anniversary of the 2 majors, conduct a abounding antecedent analysis at the 5% acceptation level:  The beggarly "Cost" for academy is $160,00. For Business against Engineering majors conduct a full, two-sample antecedent analysis at the 10% acceptation akin (assume the variances are not equal): *The boilerplate "30-year ROI" for Business majors is beneath than for Engineering Majors  In a accent box, explain how anniversary antecedent analysis contributes to the axial catechism of which above would accord the bigger ROI.  Why do we charge antecedent testing?  Isn't it abundant to attending at the sample of 20 schools and attending at those numbers?  What absolutely does antecedent testing do that attractive at the numbers in the sample and adage "one is college than the other" cannot do?  This acknowledgment is analytical to your final project.  It demonstrates that you accept why you aloof can't attending at the mean, median, and approach of the spreadsheet and "call it a day."

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