Project Outline By auspiciously commutual this assessment, you will authenticate your accomplishment in the afterward advance competencies and appraisal criteria: Competency 1: Examine how approach and sociological concepts administer to accustomed life.  Identify sociological concepts that affect one's own acreage of study. Competency 2: Evaluate the basal accoutrement of sociological inquiry.  Identify assets to abutment activity assay from a sociological perspective. Competency 4: Assay the access of ability and socialization on both the alone and society.  Summarize the accommodation of concepts included in activity sections. Competency 6: Authenticate accounting and exact advice abilities for finer presenting sociological concepts, ideas, and analyses.  Write in a able appearance application APA 6th copy referencing and architecture with actual grammar, usage, and mechanics. In this assignment, you will accommodate an outline for your advance project. The outline should assay concepts you will be application to analyze, accommodate a abrupt arbitrary of why anniversary abstraction may be relevant, and assay some assets that you intend to use. The purpose of the outline is to accomplish abiding that you are actively cerebration about and alive on your final project. It may be helpful, as we go through anniversary unit, to actuate which concepts in that assemblage you feel are accordant to your Sociology of Me activity and activate your assay at that time. Complete the following: Step 1: Breadth Outline Outline what you plan to altercate in anniversary breadth (including anecdotic concepts you will use). The sections are categorical beneath and account abeyant concepts that could be used. Culture and Socialization: Examine the appulse ability and socialization has had on your life.       Socialization, agents of socialization, culture, culture, values, language, norms, subculture, counterculture, ethnocentrism, and cultural relativism. Social Anatomy and Groups: Altercate the appulse amusing anatomy and groups accept had on your life.       Social structure, hierarchy, power, bureaucracy, role, status, primary groups, accessory groups, and accumulation think. Education: Altercate how a sociologist would explain your acquaintance with education.       Hidden curriculum, tracking, amusing stratification, and stereotypes. Professional field: Altercate the capital sociological issues that affect your acreage of study.       All concepts from alternative sections are relevant. Technology and Media: Assay the role technology and media in your accustomed life.       Media, agenda divide, framing, and amusing change. Step 2: Assay Preliminary Supporting Resources Your sociological assay of yourself should be accurate by credible, bookish sources, such as those from bookish journals. You should assay at atomic one bookish antecedent for anniversary breadth above. Accommodate a abrupt arbitrary of anniversary antecedent identified. Use adapted citations and accommodate a account of your assets in APA format. When complete, abide your outline in the appointment area.

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