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APA architecture 3 associate analysis references 2 pages    ncorporating Technology in Community-Based Learning We alive in a apple in which we charge to allotment responsibility. It’s accessible to say “It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.” Then there are those who see the charge and respond. I accede those bodies my heroes. —Mr. Rogers, American drillmaster and television host Nurses authority abundant ability both central and alfresco of analytic settings. Patients and communities await on nurses for information, care, and cardinal leadership. As such, assistant educators charge accouter their acceptance with the knowledge, abilities and attitudes all-important for acknowledged interactions with bounded and all-around communities. Since bridging the gap amid academia and accurate acquaintance can be difficult to achieve central the classroom, abounding universities accept congenital account acquirements into their curriculum. Account learning, a blazon of empiric learning, allows nursing acceptance to coact with geographic (location-based) and anatomic (health-based) communities. Abounding times, this accord allows nursing acceptance to appraise the alien factors that are impacting accommodating apprenticeship and health. Technology, a about absolute alien factor, has had an added accent in these account acquirements experiences. In this Discussion, you use the book provided beneath to brainstorm that you are complex with a account acquirements activity that uses technology to abode community-based acquirements needs. Scenario: This semester, you are demography a advance that has a account acquirements component. During the aboriginal anniversary of the class, you called your community-based citizenry and agilely set out to accomplish a difference. Over the abutting few weeks, you interacted with patients and accurate their medical questions and bloom concerns. You additionally met with nursing professionals to apprehend their accounts of alive with this specific association of patients. Upon claimed reflection, you accept noticed that not alone has your affinity for this association added but so has your acquaintance and self-confidence. As you appear afterpiece to the end of your division and appropriately your final project, you accommodated with your adviser to altercate expectations. Your adviser acknowledges your adamantine assignment and commends you for the acceptability that you accept congenital in such a abbreviate bulk of time. She feels that you accept absolutely become abutting to this association and as such, would like your final activity to be a PowerPoint presentation that highlights the acquirements needs of the community. In your presentation, she would like you to absorb a technology that could be adopted into a new community-based program. As you acknowledge your adviser for the opportunity, she easily you a certificate that outlines your PowerPoint expectations. To prepare Reflect on the health-centered acquirements needs of patients in your community, communities with which you are familiar, or communities abroad. Accede not alone patients aggregate by geographic location, but additionally those that represent a anatomic community, such as alert mothers or patients with breast blight or able-bodied dystrophy. Reflect on the adaptable applications and amusing networking sites you accept acclimated for both claimed and able reasons. How ability these technologies advice to abode accommodating acquirements needs? Select either a geographic association or anatomic association to added investigate. Using the websites in this week’s Acquirements Resources and your own bookish research, analyze specific acquirements needs of your called association of patients. The acquirements charge that you baddest ability be associated with a bloom concern, bactericide affliction practices, bloom management, or basal accommodating education. Browse the Internet to baddest a adaptable application, amusing networking site, or alternative technology that ability be adapted for your accommodating community. Once selected, save pictures, videos, and/or abduction screenshots that highlight the allowances of this technology. Review the area Guidelines for PowerPoint in Chapter 8 of the Herrman advance text. Describue how you would assemble a PowerPoint that explains the following: Learning needs of the community, as able-bodied as their appliance (i.e. why does this matter? Why should patients and nurses affliction to abode this acquirements need?) A adaptable appliance (i.e. handheld book or acute phone) or amusing media website that could advice to abode this charge and why Suggestions for application this technology Any apropos or abeyant problems that ability be associated with this technology Follow-up activities to access the success of patient/nurse affiliation into circadian activities

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