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APA architecture 2 pages 3 references one from Walden University Library Due 9/25/19 8pm EST   Discussion: Promoting Learner-Centered Acquaint in Amalgam Environments The amalgam environment, additionally accepted as attenuated or mixed-mode, allows educators to mix-and-match teaching strategies, acquirements objects, and advisory accoutrement for best impact. When anxiously designed, the amalgam ambiance additionally provides the befalling for educators to capitalize on the allowances of both contiguous and online apprenticeship to accommodated the needs of all stakeholders involved. In this Discussion, you appraise how assistant educators amalgamate an on-site action with an online action to actualize a comprehensive, learner-centered lesson. You will abide application the acquirements need, objectives, and admirers of learners from your Discussions in Weeks 2–4. To prepare Reflect on the amalgam acquirements environment. As a assistant educator, how ability you best amalgamate the allowances of both the on-site and online acquirements ambiance to accomplish and reinforce acquirements objectives? Review this week’s Acquirements Resources on amalgam environments, as able-bodied as the technologies educators use to actualize learner-centered lessons.  

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