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   Journal Access #3: Internship Assessment (minimum 1,000 words.) The afterward questions charge be addressed in your final account access and charge be the alone questions addressed in your final account entry. As alertness for answering these questions, apprehend through your ambition bedding and antecedent account entries. Write the access in able English, use paragraphs and use spell check. Don’t balloon to analysis the formatting and blueprint for account entries beneath afore you submit. This account may not be submitted late.  1. What were your aboriginal or revised goals for this internship? 2. How able-bodied did you do at affair your goals? 3. What was your claimed arrangement for ensuring that you able your goals? Describe it. Did it work? If it didn’t, did you agreement with authoritative it work?  4. How do you feel about the after-effects you achieved? 5. What do you accept explains (are the affidavit for) the after-effects you achieved?  6. What if annihilation would you do differently?  7. What are the best important abilities and ability you accept acquired during your internship, and how will these advice you beforehand in your able life? 8. How accept your accomplishments changed, if at all, as a aftereffect of the acquirements you got from your internship experience?   9. What about your internship has been altered than you expected? Answer anniversary of the questions on the Account Template. The Template should appearance your latest adaptation of Account Access #1 and Account Access #2. Abide Account Access #3 on the Template.

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