Need a discussion written for PHI208 Ethics and Moral reasoning details listed below

After account Chapter 2 of the textbook, including the “Ring of Gyges” adventure from Plato’s Republic, anticipate about what you would do if you begin a arena like the one the attend in the adventure found. What is one affair that you are clumsy or afraid to do now, but would do if you had that ring? (Note: you are not actuality asked to call what you would do if you had any ability you wished.  The arena in this adventure gives its wearer a specific power, and you are asked what you would do with that accurate power.) The added honest anybody is, the added absorbing this altercation will be. No judging, aloof cerebration and discussing!  In the advance of the week’s discussion, you will charge to do the afterward (not necessarily in this order): Reflect on yourself: What is the acumen you would do that?  Try to explain as accurately as accessible what your reason(s) would be for application the arena in the way you envision.   If you anticipate that your use of the arena would be advised bent by best people, why would you do it anyway?  What does that say about the accent of “ethics”? If you anticipate that your use of the arena would be advised ethical by best people, Reflect on society: Would best bodies in our association accede what you do to be ethical or unethical? Why do you anticipate this is, exactly?  Engage with the text: Based on what you said in acknowledgment to the aboriginal two questions, does your acknowledgment accede or disagree with Glaukon’s claims about ethics?  (You will charge to altercate your estimation of Glaukon’s claims in responding to this question.) Discuss with your peers: Read the posts of your aeon and altercate their acknowledgment to these questions.  Consider, especially, whether or not you accede with their estimation of Glaukon and what challenges this altercation raises about ethics. 

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