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From Chapter 3, folio 89, WEB-BASED CASE.  Read the afterward case and acknowledgment all questions.  BBC Agenda Media Initiative Revisited The National Audit Office (NAO) scrutinizes accessible spending in the United Kingdom. Its announcement on the BBC’s DMI activity appear on several key findings. First, the centralized aggregation was acutely challenged by the actuality that the activity was already 18 months abaft agenda back they began assignment on the project. Second, the technology aggregation issued releases throughout the activity that did not accommodated end-user expectations and breakable aplomb in the project. Third, the BBC focused added on the abstruse development rather than on auspicious organization-wide changes in workflow that would animate adoption. Finally, the NAO concluded, the DMI lacked babyminding arrange for the scale, risk, and complication of the project. 1.Do analysis online to analyze the capabilities of agenda asset administration software. What are the top rated agenda asset administration software products? Who uses this software? 2.Given the NAO’s allegation and what you ascertain about accessible off-the-shelf products, would it accept been wiser for the BBC to accept a accumulating of these absolute products?  3.What accomplishments would be all-important to accretion the cooperation of the business units to absorb this accumulating of articles into their assignment processes?

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