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Read Case Study 11-1 Implementing Action Change Administration at Southern Company.  Answer catechism 3. Assess Southern's ECM arrangement on the four ambit of activity success. How acknowledged do you anticipate this activity is?  CASE STUDY:     Atlanta‐based Southern Aggregation , a arch account provider in the southeast United States, is admired by its 4.4 actor electricity barter for its accomplished service, and it ranks as Fortune magazine’ s “most admired” aggregation in its industry. That agency affection is important in aggregate the aggregation does. When David Traynor, the company’ s business arete manage, was answerable with implementing a new action change administration (ECM) suite, 55 he knew its key users, advisers in the IT department, would analyze the new arrangement and be actual analytical if annihilation didn’ t assignment absolutely as it should.      The projected advance for the ECM was in the seven abstracts range, but the business case was straightforward. The absolution was based on the accumulation in time and costs from bargain affairs and the adeptness to allot added absorption to chancy projects. The IT administration was administration over 7,000 change requests a year, anniversary of which appropriate a time‐consuming approval action no amount how baby or accepted it was. Anniversary change appeal bare to be accustomed at one of the three hour‐long analysis lath affairs that were captivated anniversary week. Some balked advisers were alike starting to avoid the approval process. Clearly, article had to be done. But alike admitting the ECM apartment had bright benefits, the IT administration was not acquisitive to assignment on a arrangement that didn’ t affiance to be actual exciting. Further, installing the ECM apartment promised to clearly change the way the IT association performed their work. “They had to log all their changes, accretion approval, booty all these accomplish that they weren’ t actuality tasked with before,” said Traynor.     The administration called BMC’s Remedy software apartment afterwards spending 6 months designing the new process. Next came 10 months of customizing the systems and 7 months to body them. The aboriginal ECM appearance was formed out in August 2010. Surprisingly, the new arrangement produced alike added change requests than before—almost 3,000 added ones anniversary year. Traynor articular that afore the ECM was switched on, a lot of changes charge accept been candy afterwards any review. That was ambiguous accustomed that about 8 of 10 requested projects accept at atomic some akin of risk, and 100% crave assets to complete. Now the change advising lath meets account (rather than three times weekly) and deals alone with emergency changes and high‐risk changes that could affect analytical sites or abounding users. Accepted change requests are preapproved application accepted formats.        Traynor hadn’ t spent abundant time accepting buy in from the IT administration during the aboriginal appearance of the ECM project. He now believes he should accept started the ECM advice and training accomplishment abundant eventually in the aboriginal phase. The sec-ond appearance of the implementation, the adventure and botheration administration system, was done differently. Traynor appointed “ambassadors” from anniversary IT assemblage as before, but this time they alternate from the actual aboriginal day of the additional phase. Traynor encouraged them to allocution with the IT advisers in their assemblage so the advisers were not arena catch‐up as they had been in the aboriginal phase. Rather, the ambassadors were actively complex in designing arrangement changes: “They’ ve put their fingerprints on it. . . . We get a lot of breadth from [the ambassadors].” Traynor wants them to apprentice the ECM and comedy a above role in training and testing the system. He adds, “The achievement is that [they] . . . become the go‐to being afterwards we go live.” 

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