Need 12 Slides On Bill Of Rights Associated With The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

create a 12- to 15-slide presentation on the Bill of Rights with ACA. This presentation will crave a added assay of this affair as it is an arising issue/trend in today's bloom affliction industry.

Include the afterward in your presentation:

  • Identify and call the affair of consideration. ((Bill of rights)) In ACA
  • Identify and altercate the arising issues and trends surrounding the affidavit why the bill of rights was included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Affliction Act (PPACA).
  • How does the PPACA action abode the Bill of right?
  • Describe areas of befalling complex with this topic. (( Bill of Rights)) 
  • Describe challenges that ability be begin in implementing it beyond the nation.

Include detailed apostle addendum as allotment of your presentation.

Cite a minimum of 4 references.

Format your appointment according to APA guidelines..

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