These are signs of pregnancy. Presumptive Which are classified as apparent signs of pregnancy? Uterine amplification Hegiras sign, absolute abundance analysis A accommodating can be told that she is absolutely abundant aback she has: Fetal affection sounds A woman calls the dispensary to address that she had a absolute home abundance analysis and asks amusement relax these are. The nurse's best adapted acknowledgment Is: Accuracy Is actual aerial if the analysis instructions are followed absolutely The chic analysis acclimated to affirm abundance measures: HAG The mother's aboriginal acceptance of fetal movements is referred to as: Quickening Which change Is accompanying to Added progesterone levels? Deepening of the articulation Which of the afterward is the account of Loris's in pregnancy? As the uterus enlarges the centermost of force shifts, causing the women to angular aback Which award In a abundant accommodating would crave added appraisal by the nurse? Claret burden of 150/92 A accommodating in her third trimester of abundance complains of blackout and decrepitude aback she lies on her back. Which account by the assistant is best appropriate? To advance the symptoms, lie on your larboard ancillary accept been actual accurate to booty adamant tablets and to eat a counterbalanced diet. The nurse's best adapted acknowledgment is: During pregnancy, the aqueous allocation of your claret increases, which dilutes your red claret beef Changes in the gastrointestinal arrangement during abundance include: Added saliva assembly One account of accepted urination during abundance is: burden of the active uterus on the float Melancholy-stimulating hormone (MS) is amenable for which of the afterward signs of pregnancy? Lineal Niagara A woman in her additional trimester of abundance smiles and pats her belly aback she feels the babyish move. She expresses a ambition for a admirable little babe and generally alas about the babyish in absolute terms. These behaviors allegorize which adorning assignment of pregnancy? Fetal Distinction A woman who is 36 weeks abundant tells the dispensary assistant that she is because demography ibuprofen for her aback affliction and beef cramps. The nurse's best acknowledgment is: Demography that medication could account your babyish to acquaintance ache BC of abortive changes in its cardiovascular arrangement Which hormone stimulates uterine contractions and the milk casting reflex in breastfeeding? Extinction A accommodating tells the assistant that she is afraid because her accomplice does not assume absorbed in the pregnancy. Which acknowledgment by the assistant would be the best appropriate? Your accomplice will go through stages of acclimation to fatherhood The assistant is interviewing a woman in the dispensary who thinks she ability be pregnant. Which are presumptive signs of pregnancy? Amenorrhea Fatigue Breast amore A abundant woman has three active children, one distinct and one accompanying birth, one preterm birth, and no abortions. According to CATALPA, the assistant would almanac her abundance history as . 421031 A assistant is discussing acceptance affliction with a accumulation of women. She tells them that en purpose of acceptance affliction is to: animate advantageous lifestyles The assistant is interviewing a woman during her aboriginal prenatal dispensary visit. Aback the Claret samples will not be taken to analysis for altitude that could affect your abundance On her fourth prenatal visit, a accommodating asks why urine tests are done on every visit. The best adapted acknowledgment is: We are testing for diabetes, which sometimes develops during abundance The purpose of Loophole's assignment is to determine: The presentation and position of the fetus One purpose of ultrasound imaging during abundance is to: Rule out fetal abnormalities Compared with amniocentesis, abiding bearded sampling: Can be done beforehand in A analytic analysis of the amniotic aqueous to actuate whether the fetus is acceptable to advance respiratory ache is: Lecithin/spellbinding arrangement (LIST ratio) An animated alpha-footprint (APP) akin is constant with: Neural tube defects The biophysical contour (BP) uses bristles observations, including: Gross anatomy movements During a nonstarters analysis (NEST), a adviser annal fetal affection amount aback the mother senses fetal movement. This analysis is acclimated to assess: Fetal oxygenation and autonomic action Which account accurately describes the abbreviating accent analysis (COST)? Uterine contractions charge be induced. To adapt a woman for a abbreviating accent analysis application nipple stimulation, an adapted apprenticeship would be to: Brush your approach beyond the nipple of one breast for 2 to 3 minutes. A accepted ache in the aboriginal trimester of abundance is: Lakehurst On her additional prenatal visit, a woman states that she feels like she needs to defecate "all the time, alike during the night. " She says she has bargain her aqueous assimilation to ascendancy this problem. The assistant should acquaint her to: "Drink added fluids during the day ND beneath in the evening. A teaching plan for self-care during abundance should accommodate that: Hot tubs should be abhorred because added anatomy temperature decreases placental claret To abbreviate heartburn, the abundant accommodating should: Sit up for 30 account afterwards eating. A woman in her third trimester is afflicted by accepted leg cramps. Which admeasurement would the assistant advance to abate the cramps? Stand with the anxiety collapsed on the attic aback cramps occur. Self-care apprenticeship for a abundant woman to abate backache should include: Cutting low-heeled shoes Cutting low-heeled shoes For a advantageous abundance outcome, the recommended eight accretion during abundance is: 1. 4 to 1. 8 keg(3 to 4 lbs) anniversary ages in the aboriginal trimester, again 0. keg(l lb) per anniversary for a absolute of 11 to 16 keg(25 to 35 lbs) Fetal weight increases best during the: Third trimester To anticipate collapsed hypertensive affection and to advance fetal perfusion during pregnancy, the teaching plan should include: Lying on the larboard ancillary Self-care apprenticeship for a abundant woman generally includes the pelvic agitation exercise, which helps: Abate lower aback affliction Self-care instructions for a abundant woman should include: Not cutting knee-high stockings Which agency is acceptable to accord to the accumulation of varicose veins during pregnancy? Constipation In a prenatal class, one woman tells the assistant that she is a vegetarian and asks whether this poses a botheration in affiliation to her pregnancy. The nurse's best adapted acknowledgment is: accessory affliction provider may adjustment added vitamins and calcium. " The assistant explains to a abundant woman who does not like milk that alternative foods are acceptable sources of calcium, such as: Green, abounding vegetables and tofu Abundant women charge added vitamin A for fetal corpuscle development, cartilage growth, ND tooth formation. One aliment that is aerial in vitamin A is: Carrots A abundant woman should be instructed that acceptable sources of adamant are: broccoli and alarmist commissioned for alimental foods. Which account by the assistant reflects the accepted aesthetics of accouchement education? "l will acquaint you about your options for affliction administration so you can accomplish a choice. Relaxation exercises, focusing, imagery, and flagrance are accomplished in accouchement apprenticeship because they:: Are accessible in affliction administration during labor. The basal breath patterns recommended during the aboriginal date of action accommodate reheating. Modified-paced An exercise that strengthens perinea beef accent and animation is the: Keel exercise Which assurance should a abundant woman address to her bloom affliction provider immediately? Angina Affliction Which alone is at greatest accident for a high-risk pregnancy? A 15-year-old who is a vegetarian The acceptance that all bodies of a accurate ability anticipate and behave in the aforementioned way is accepted as: Cultural stereotyping The abundant woman asks why she should not accept a rubella virus immunization until afterwards delivery. Which acknowledgment would be the best appropriate? "Live virus canines accept a aerial accident of iatrogenic effects. " A assistant is answer nonstarters testing to active parents. Which account indicates that added teaching is necessary? "A acknowledging nonstarters analysis agency that added appraisal will be required. " At a prenatal visit, the accommodating discusses her vegetarian diet with the assistant and states that she does not feel her diet includes abundant protein. Which food(s) should the assistant advance she add to her diet? Peanut adulate Cottage cheese Eggs Amniocentesis is one analytic apparatus acclimated to appraise fetal bloom and well-being, and it is acclimated for what reason(s)? Assessment of a abiogenetic ataxia Determining alpha-footprint levels Appraisal of fetal lung ability Chapter 13 One of the accepted causes of bleeding during the aboriginal trimester of abundance is: Ad-lib aborticide Causes of ad-lib aborticide can include: Acute affectionate infection A woman in her aboriginal trimester of abundance comes to the emergency administration with abstinent vaginal bleeding. She letters accepting had cramps beforehand but has none now. This description is archetypal of a(n) abortion. Threatened Which account is accurate of octopi pregnancy? The fertilized ovum is built-in alfresco of the uterus. Afterwards anaplasty for a hydrofoil mole, the woman should be brash that: She charge accept alternate claret studies and ultrasounds to adviser for coordination. A woman in the third trimester of abundance presents to the emergency administration with complaints of ablaze red vaginal bleeding. The assistant anon suspects: Placenta Examination The assistant recognizes that agenda vaginal examinations are contraindicated in abundant women who are bleeding because: The assay may account astringent drain Which abundant woman would the assistant doubtable of accepting placenta preview? A Arvada 3, Para 2 in her twenty-eighth anniversary of evolution who letters accessible vaginal bleeding and whose claret burden is 116/78 mm Hag Which book suggests brusque placental? Tender, adamant uterus in the aftermost trimester What aggravation should be doubtable in the accommodating who has accomplished brusque placental, hydrofoil mole, or a retained asleep fetus? Disseminated intramuscular agglomeration A woman with Re-negative claret is administered Aerogram afterward an aborticide to prevent: Summarization in the mother The best archetypal signs and affection of gestational hypertension include: Proteins and hypertension The teaching plan for a woman with balmy gestational hypertension who is actuality managed at home should include: Resting frequently and lying on the larboard ancillary Afore administering magnesium sulfate to a woman with astringent gestational abstain the drug? Urinary achievement 20 babble The abundant accommodating is accustomed magnesium sulfate. The biologic has been able if: Seizure action is absent. What is the aberration amid proclaims and clamps? The axial afraid arrangement is complex with clamps but not with proclaims. Which agency places the abundant woman at accident for thermoelectric disease? Alike VA compression A abundant woman who has been ailing for abysmal attitude occlusion (DTV) aback complains of adversity breath and chest pain. Her affection amount is 120 beats/minute. The assistant should doubtable what complication? Pulmonary array The assistant recognizes that the primary aftereffect of abundance on a woman with a preexisting affection ache is: The workload of the affection is abundantly increased. Aback a woman with affection ache becomes pregnant, what precautions will the assistant admonish her to take? "Immediately address dyspepsia, fatigue, or edema. The assistant is counseling a prenatal accommodating on nutrition. He addendum that her bloom affliction provider has ordered 300 MGM of adamant sulfate anniversary day. What accommodating teaching is indicated? Inform stools will be aphotic and adhesive aback you are demography iron. " Hyperemia gravitated is: Persistent, astringent airsickness during abundance The aftereffect of abundance on glucose metabolism is to: Antagonize insulin, which causes serum glucose to rise. During the aboriginal trimester of pregnancy, the accommodating with adumbrative diabetes usually requires: Beneath insulin than afore her abundance A abundant woman has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She asks the assistant whether that agency she will accept to booty insulin. The nurse's best acknowledgment is: "Some women charge insulin, but you may be able to ascendancy your diabetes with diet. " A affectionate aggravation that can aftereffect from diabetes mellitus is: Hydrations A woman asks the assistant why she should booty precautions adjoin accepting rubella if she thinks she ability be pregnant. The assistant explains that the accident of affectionate rubella during the aboriginal 4 weeks of abundance could advance to which fetal malformations? Cataracts, cardiac defects, and deafness of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and cocaine can account fetal advance retardation. During an appraisal of an babyish built-in to an intravenous biologic abuser, the assistant should admit which sign(s) and/or symptom(s) as apocalyptic of biologic withdrawal? Tremor and hyperactive reflexes What advice will the assistant accord to a abundant woman with affection ache apropos her additional date of labor? She will not be able to accept any anesthesia. A woman with affection ache has delivered and is now in the postpartum unit. Aback caring for this woman, the assistant recognizes that: Major circulatory acclimation in the postpartum aeon may account affection abortion alike 4 or 5 canicule postpartum The assistant has been teaching a abundant woman at 32 weeks' evolution about signs and affection of gestational hypertension and abeyant admonishing signs of accessible complications. The assistant recognizes the charge for added teaching aback the woman "If I accept a headache, I will booty some acetaminophen. States: A woman with astringent gestational hypertension is accepting a connected intravenous beverage of magnesium sulfate. Which appraisal award would announce the charge for added intervention? Absent abysmal bond reflexes A assistant is caring for a woman who has been hypertensive back her thirty-fourth eek of gestation. Appraisal allegation accommodate urine protein +3, platelet calculation 95,000 mm, and animated EAST and ALT levels. The assistant should doubtable the development of which of the following? HELP affection A anew delivered woman who was brash for proclaims during action says to the nurse, "Why are you still blockage my claret pressure, reflexes, respirations, and urine so often? I anticipation commitment of my babyish would booty affliction of the problem. " The best adapted acknowledgment would be: Mimi are still at accident for seizures for the aboriginal forty- eight hours afterwards birth. " The accommodating asks why she has been accepting urinary amplitude infections (It's) added frequently back acceptable pregnant. The assistant explains that which of the afterward factor(s) predispose(s) the abundant accommodating to It's? Compression of the Reuters Decreased urine breeze to the float Relaxation of the float beef Gloriously benign bacterial advance bearing because of brusque placental. The assistant recognizes that she charge be active for which sign(s) and/or symptom(s)? Bleeding gums Bleeding from bang sites Apostasies Dry bark The assistant recognizes that parents who ache a abiding accident will generally display which f the afterward behaviors? Denial Anger Acceptance Euphoria Chapter 20 The affliction associated with endometriosis is acquired by: Monthly bleeding of abstraction endometrial tissue Which account is accurate of baneful shock syndrome? Rash agitation and flu-like affection are archetypal Women who acquaintance premenstrual affection (MS), additionally accepted as ovarian aeon syndrome, should be brash that: Strategies that advice administer accent may abate symptoms. The concrete changes of menopause are the aftereffect of: Lowered estrogen akin A chic for earlier women focuses on blockage and analysis of osteoporosis. One Oman asks how to acquaint if she is at accident for osteoporosis.

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