Navigate 2 Scenario

  Navigate 2 Book - Going from Action to Law (Episode 2)  Overview of Scenario You are an intern alive with the Senator’s aggregation to get the bill (based on the action created in Episode 1 for the Navigate 2 Scenario) passed. You charge chase the aldermanic action to baddest committees, analyze stakeholders, acquaint with bloom affliction providers about their role, and analyze key departments who will be amenable if the bill is passed.  Aural this basic scenario, you will charge to administer concepts such as how others access the process, for example, bloom affliction providers who address letters, blast and accomplish claimed visits to senator’s office.  You should accept that this is the albatross of a bloom affliction professional.  Also, you charge be able to bright why the Department of Bloom and Human Services (DHHS) is the bureau called to apparatus the law and advance the regulations, what the regulations are, and why they are important. Assessment You will actualize a advocacy area you will acclaim a committee, analyze accustomed stakeholders, and analyze amenable departments. Your advocacy will be acquaint in this altercation lath forum. You charge additionally acknowledge to 2 of your peers' posts and accomplish abiding to advertence any alfresco sources you may accept acclimated in your recommendation. Learning Outcomes Addressed in this basic scenario. Examine the assorted applications of the law aural the bloom affliction system. Analyze how such assorted applications of the law affect decisions in the development and operation of a bloom affliction organization. Use technology and advice assets to analysis issues in bloom affliction policy, law, and ethics. Characters from this Navigate 2 Book scenario: The Apprentice (You), Bloom Affliction Action Intern for Congress The apprentice acclimated to assignment aural the Bright Road Bloom Affliction System, and had a appropriate absorption in policy. The apprentice is cerebration about affective into politics, acquisitive to accomplish a aberration at that level. The apprentice has aloof been accustomed into the internship; this is the student’s aboriginal big project. Peter Shackley, Senior Action Agents Member The student’s mentor, Peter, is a adolescent and angry agents member. In his backward 20s, Pete has been absorbed in backroom back he was President of his aerial academy apprentice body. He’s abnormally amorous about authoritative and how the action works. Pete will advice adviser the apprentice through the authoritative process. Quinn Smith, Chairman of the Lath of Bright Road Bloom Affliction System Quinn is in his 50s. In his capacity, Quinn takes on the albatross for accumulated governance, basic formation, ambience the company’s operating strategy, and allegorical it to profitability. The apprentice will assignment with Quinn to actuate how the bill and action may appulse the operations of the Bloom Affliction System. (good as he is a stakeholder at accompaniment level) Timothy Kohl, Agents affiliate at DHHS Timothy is in his mid-50s, and has been with DHHS for added than 20 years. His capital focus is bloom policy. Timothy consults with agents in assorted departments and agencies to assignment out how bloom affliction law should be accounting and again implemented. #1 Peer Comment Please Acknowledge to this comment: Committee Recommendations The lath associates for this legislation should be fabricated up of the afterward groups to ensure a ample allotment of legislation is proposed and can be auspiciously implemented and adapted by the Department of Bloom and Human Services. • Bright Road Hospital System, as a ample hospital arrangement they are a cogent stakeholder, has an absorption for ensuring reasonable legislation is proposed. The bill needs to be clinically, operationally, and fiscally reasonable for hospitals to be able to auspiciously apparatus the regulations. • American Nurses Affiliation (ANA) represents the 4 actor registered nurses in the United States and is the arch articulation of the profession (American Nurses Association, 2019). Their ascribe in the architecture of the legislation is basic from a affection standpoint. They are the frontline of healthcare and the ANA advocates for aerial standards, safe and ethical assignment environments. • EMILY’s List is a pro-democratic alignment that focuses on assortment and admittance for Democratic congresswomen. Their mission account includes ‘creating a amplitude area bodies are admired behindhand of sex, age, race, gender identity, animal orientation, ability, civic agent or religious affiliation’ (EMILY's List, 2019). These ethics will ensure patient’s rights taken into application for safety, privacy, transparency. • American Hospital Affiliation (AHA) represents about 5,000 hospitals, bloom affliction systems, and alternative providers (American Hospital Association, 2019). They able-bodied ensure, forth with Bright Road, that the hospital perspectives are taken into application as the legislation is developed. • America’s Bloom Allowance Affairs (AHIP) is a civic affiliation of allowance carriers who awning millions of Americans with not alone bartering allowance but additionally Medical Advantage affairs (America's Bloom Allowance Plans, 2019). They will ensure the bill does not add accidental costs to the healthcare action and at the aforementioned time appetite to ensure aerial affection affliction to abate all-embracing bloom expenses. The Department of Bloom and Human Services will accept the ultimate albatross for autograph the regulations that apparatus the final law and the abiding over-sight. But with the ample accumulation of lath associates aloft that represent the providers, nurses, patients, and payers a actual acquiescent allotment of legislation should be able to be drafted. References American Hospital Association. (2019, November 29). Abouth the AHA. Retrieved from American Hospital Association: American Nurses Association. (2019, November 29). About ANA. Retrieved from American Nusrses Association: America's Bloom Allowance Plans. (2019, November 29). About. Retrieved from AHIP: EMILY's List. (2019, November 29). Mission & Vission. Retrieved from EMILY's List: #2 Peer Review  To: Senator Powers, Peter Shackley Subject: Action Lath Recommendation                 Acceptable afternoon. I’m autograph apropos the action lath recommendation. Afterwards speaking with key stakeholders, the antecedent accomplish up of this accumulation has been identified. The advocacy is to anatomy a lath comprised of American Nurses Association, EMILY’s List, WISH List, Civic Affiliation of Clinical Nurse Specialists, Civic Medical Affiliation and American Hospital Association. Additionally, we accept associates from the Lath of Bright Road Bloom Affliction System, allowance antechamber representation and Department of Bloom and Human Services. These groups in accession to some added doctors and patients will ensure the articulation of assorted groups are heard.                 The purpose of involving these groups are as follows; the American Nurses Affiliation would ensure we accept a abundant captivation of our nurses. If they advice appearance the law again they will accept buy-in, can advice abutment it, and can added advice alteration the accomplishing so our hospitals accept it. If we absorb EMILY’s List and WISH List again we will accept abutment of our women from both political parties and the majority of nurses in healthcare are female. The American Hospital Affiliation can advice absorb our hospital administration. Their abetment can ensure the diction is clear, adjustable and transparent. So that hospitals can accept the law and how to chase it. Speaking of implementation, that is why DHHS is a key stakeholder accumulation to ensure we can apparatus this action finer back they will be administration / acclimation it afterwards the action becomes law.             The Civic Affiliation of Clinical Nurse Specialists and Civic Medical Affiliation represent added professionals and indigenous assortment to ensure added parties accept a articulation in abstraction our healthcare future. A assortment of anticipation could absolutely advice us anticipate alfresco of the box on this action and be one footfall advanced to ensuring the ambit and capacity of the law are inclusive. Allowance antechamber representation will be accessible to accept as this action change and agreement will access anybody including allowance companies. Last, but best important will be including the articulation of our patients and community. To do so we will accept associates from the Civic Accommodating Advocate Foundation on the Lath to accompany accommodating choir into this important bloom affliction bill. Looking advanced to affair with you to altercate this Lath recommendation.

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