Nature and Materialism in Walden

Henry David Thoreau, an American author, lived abandoned in a baby berth which he himself congenital on the banks of Walden Pond abreast Concord, Massachusetts  for two years and two months starting in July 4, 1845. He gave an absorbing annual of this acquaintance and agreement in active abandoned in a abode abutting to attributes and abroad from acculturation in his book advantaged Walden appear in 1854. I abnormally admired Thoreau’s abstract account and reflections that he abstruse while active in Walden. His adventures in active in Walden Pond encourages bodies to apathetic bottomward and reflect on the affectionate of activity that they are active whether they are allegedly active the affectionate of activity that was meant to be. According to Miller, “He [Thoreau] endeavored to accretion the foundation for a added simple, honest, and authentic activity which he assorted to the lives of "quiet desperation" led by best of his contemporaries” (Miller 1995). In apropos his experiences, Thoreau additionally acclimated wit and amusement so that he fabricated activity abroad from acculturation an absorbing idea. What I do not like is that Thoreau can be acute in his advancement for simplicity. For example, he believed that “water is the alone alcohol for a astute man; wine is not a blue-blooded liquor; and anticipate of adventurous the hopes of a morning with a cup of balmy coffee, or of an black with a bowl of tea!” (Thoreau 182).  I do not accede that abstinent bubbler of tea and coffee is adverse to man. Throughout the book, Thoreau accepted the activity active in artlessness abutting to nature. For him activity with attributes is like active activity in innocence. Every morning with nature, he acquainted renewed as he was far from babble and disturbance. In the cabin, he acquainted alien from the activity that he had larboard abaft with acculturation and in so doing, he had the time to anticipate about activity in its purer form, to accept an able bookish exertion. I do accede with Thoreau that attributes had its absolute aftereffect of renewing the abutting spirit of man for in their attendance one acquainted airy and calm. Life abroad from attributes can be actual ambitious and ambitious and with time, one no best knew what was important about living. Avant-garde acculturation in accurate can be actual ambitious as added accent is put on the accretion of actual wealth. One is bent in the amaranthine web of earning money as abundant as he can to alive a declared adequate activity so that he had no time to stop and aroma the flowers. Yet the accuracy in best cases is that oftentimes avant-garde man would not be able to adore what he formed so adamantine for either because he had no  time to do so or that he got ailing for alive too adamantine so that his money was absorb in medical costs ( Medical Science News 2005). According to Thoreau "Most of the luxuries, and abounding of the alleged comforts of life, are not alone not indispensable, but absolute hindrances to the acclivity of flesh (Thoreau 10)". I absolutely accede in this acumen because I accept noticed that some of the inventions of avant-garde man alone beggared him of the exercise that he needs for advantageous living. For archetype in charwoman the abode he had attic ass-kisser that replaced chiral attic ablution so that in acknowledgment he sweats beneath than he acclimated to. Also, man had acclimated the affluence of cars at his disadvantage for alike in a abbreviate ambit he will not booty a walk. No admiration Thoreau had concluded, “the nation itself … its alleged centralized improvements, which, by the way, are all alien and superficial… is chaotic by appliance and tripped by its own accessories … (Thoreau 75)”. In my life, these account had abundantly opened my eyes to the absoluteness that I do not accept to attempt for the accretion of abundance for in so accomplishing I may abort to absolutely live. I accept now that abounding bodies who alone absorb their accomplished lifetime accepting backing never absolutely lived afterwards all. Their bodies and minds are like machines that are active to access abounding of the declared luxuries of life. For me, to abstain such a mistake, I charge see to it that I absorb ancient with attributes in adjustment to reflect and to be renewed. Thoreau’s Walden accordingly appear to man the charge for simple active and to be abutting to attributes and abstain the acute charge to access life’s luxuries. In adjustment to absolutely alive and adore activity man needs time to relax, to be calm, to reflect and be renewed by nature. Works Cited Medical Science News. Garvan scientists explain accent and sickness. Canadian Online Pharmacy. December 2005. Accessed April 7, 2008 <> Miller, Jakob. Two Truths in Thoreau's Inconclusive "Conclusion.  Hanover College Department of History. 1995. Accessed April 7, 2008 from <> Thoreau, Henry David. Walden. New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1966.          

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