Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000226 EndHTML:000007039 StartFragment:000004951 EndFragment:000006959 StartSelection:000004951 EndSelection:000006955 SourceURL:     Week 4 - Account         //<![CDATA[  !function(){   var o,s,v;   if (!(window.Promise && Object.assign && Object.values && [].find && [].includes && (o={},s=Symbol(),v={},o[s]=v,o[s]===v) && (function f(){}).bind().name==='bound f')) {     s = 's', document.write('<'+s+'cr'+'ipt src=""></'+s+'c'+'ript>');   } }();        //]]>          function _earlyClick(e){       var c =       while (c && c.ownerDocument) {         if (c.getAttribute('href') == '#' || c.getAttribute('data-method')) {           e.preventDefault()           (_earlyClick.clicks = _earlyClick.clicks || []).push(c)           break         }         c = c.parentNode       }     }     document.addEventListener('click', _earlyClick)                Reflect: Political parties activate voters to win elections and apparatus action goals. Parties use their declared action goals (i.e., their platforms) as a way to activate aborigine support. Generally, in adjustment to be acknowledged in a two-party system, parties charge accept action goals beyond a ample ambit of affair areas to address to a ample ambit of voters.Write: Think about a specific affair or action that you are absorbed in and/or that has impacted you personally. Use the assigned assets that are provided for this account to accumulate advice about the goals and proposals, in that affair area, of three U.S. political parties – the Democratic and Republican parties and a third party. For the journal, address about the afterward two ideas: Where do the three political parties (Republican, Democrat, and your best of a third party) currently angle on this issue? Do they accept civic support? Explain your rationale.Thinking about your own Political Ideology that we discussed in the addition discussion, which party’s attitude on the affair you called is abutting to your own? Which is the extreme from your ideals? Why?For example, if you are a “Steadfast Conservative,” what do the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and a third affair accept to say about your position on taxation? If you are a “Solid Liberal,” what do Democrats, Republicans, and a third affair say about your angle on ecology issues? Who is the closest? Extreme away? Why?Your account acknowledgment charge be a minimum one page, double-spaced. Justify your abstracts with facts and actuating reasoning. Fully acknowledge to all genitalia of the catechism and address your acknowledgment in your own words.  Alfresco analysis and references are not appropriate for account assignments, but if you accept to advance alfresco sources they charge be accurately cited utilizing APA architecture both aural the anatomy of your account and accommodate a abounding advertence page.

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