National security

Online chic (9 April 2018) instructions Please column an antecedent acknowledgment to the videos and account (250 words or more) by Wednesday night (11:59pm) and again acknowledge to two alternative student’s posts (100 words or more) by Sunday night (11:59pm).  Your column should be about what you begin hasty or best interesting, as able-bodied as what seems amiss or what you do not accede with.  You do not charge to abide your appointment actuality (I am activity to brand anon from the blog.)  To admission the chic blog: bang on the console on the larboard blue-blooded “course tools” (you may accept to again baddest ‘all tools’) and again bang on “blogs”.  Bang on the button “create blog entry” to abide your post.  Terrorism account coverage: TSA and Security Theater: Additional advice on the abstraction referenced in TSA video: Bruce Schneier – Reconceptualizing Security Read: “The Politics of Threat: How Agitation Account Shapes Foreign Policy Attitudes” (Gadarian, 2010).  *Attached here.   Gadarian’s abstraction suggests that our fears of agitation are politically consequential (i.e. they can access which types of counter-terrorism behavior we are acceptable to support).

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