National IT Strategy

•Read and assay the US STEM apprenticeship cardinal plan(linked afresh actuality and in the apostle addendum of this week's slides) Write a 2-3 folio APA formatted cardboard that addresses the afterward questions: • Is the action appropriately resourced? • What affirmation of nested strategies and affairs can you find? • What gaps or areas for advance can you identify?  Additional description by Professor on Nesting strategies:   The chat "nesting" or "nested" can be a little confusing.  As IT professionals, you've apparently apparent processes or abstracts breadth advice becomes added defined, added granular, added authentic as you advance from college to lower levels.  Think about requirements to architecture to code.  That's the way nested strategies work.  Subordinate, or "nested" strategies accommodate added detail and actionable advice in their accurate area.  IT strategies that abutment an all-embracing accumulated action are a acceptable example. 

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