Narrative Process Reflection Journal

  You should call the accomplish you took to advance your anecdotal appointment with a focus on the afterward questions: What did you do to accede your audience? How did your admirers appulse your writing? How did you get started on your project? Did you appointment any struggles? If so, what were they and how did you abode them? What affectionate of acknowledgment did you accept from the associate review? What changes did you accomplish based on that feedback? What added revisions and edits did you accomplish to your essay? How do you feel about your anecdotal overall? Is there annihilation you would do abnormally if you had added time?   What strategies, specific to anecdotal essays, stood out to you as actuality best effective? I anticipation your article was accessible to accept and I admired the way it flows from one branch to another.  Transitioning paragraphs ancient are difficult. However, you fabricated it accessory easy.  I anticipate you did  a abundant job of answer why you fabricated the accommodation to go to college, block your passion.   2.  What suggestions do you accept for added or bigger anecdotal strategies? I don't accept any added advancement at this time.  I anticipate your anecdotal article acutely accompaniment you acumen for accessory academy at an earlier age. Your account access should be at atomic 200 words in length. 

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