Naming Ceremony

The Allotment Commemoration of James Kofi Owusu-Ansah On February 21st 2009, I was arrive to a allotment commemoration at the Martin’s West Hall at Security Boulevard. It was for a three months old boy. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Owusu- Ansah were the brace hosting the event. They are from the Akan association in Ghana, West Africa. The baby-naming commemoration or Out-dooring is the aboriginal of abounding life-cycle rituals performed in the Akan ability throughout a person's life. The Akan do not name a adolescent until a child's been animate for seven days. The activity is that the babyish night be a spirit who has appear to attending at the apple and again go back. After a adolescent is born, according to tradition, the mother and adolescent are usually kept central for at atomic seven days. There is no big activity or big action about this babyish for seven days. In fact, if the adolescent should canyon abroad afore the seventh day, there is no aching for that child. If the adolescent lives for seven days, again it is acquainted that the adolescent has appear to break and be a allotment of the community. There was absolutely a army of big names of Ghanaians in the association and Dr Kwesi Mfume was amid those built-in at the High Table. There was a priest from the abbey the ancestors attends, an appointed linguist who presented and interpreted the allotment action to the guests at the ceremony. There was an ancient who was the uncle of Mr. Owusu-Ansah. Traditionally, the child's name is accustomed by one of the elders of the family. The aboriginal name is usually the day of the anniversary on which the adolescent was built-in and in this case the adolescent was built-in on a Monday so he was alleged Kofi. The additional name is article specific, and claimed about the child, such as article about the bearing experience, or an ancestor's name, and aback they were Christians the parents called him James, and the third name is the family's name, Owusu -Ansah. The priest said a adoration allurement blessings for all who were gathered, abnormally for the baby. The gods and ancestors are asked to assure and adviser this child, to see that the adolescent has the things that are bare for a acceptable activity and to advice the adolescent become a absolute affiliate of the community. The child, the father, the mother, and the godparents face the crowd. Aback it was a boy the asperse had to present the babyish to the crowd. The asperse lifts the adolescent three times from the arena into the air to acquaint the adolescent to the ancestors and to the gods and says, today we appearance the adolescent who sojourns with us to the morning star. " So we appearance the adolescent to the earth, to the ancestors, to the heavens, and to the community, and ask for blessings for the child. The adolescent was told what is accepted of him, by responding to his name; account his parents, elders of the society. He is told not to lie, bluff and be a amenable being in association . The capital commemoration is over and the blow of the black was abounding of dancing, bistro and drinking, giving the babyish ability which is commonly money. I was so afflicted by the accomplished action because I never accepted the action to be so acceptable like it was aback home although instead of seven canicule old James Kofi Owusu –Ansah was three months old, and the Americans who were arrive were so adequate and some alike alternate in the cultural dances.

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