Mythology paper

Answer one of the afterward questions. Please argue the guidelines & allocation arrangement below. 1) Crime & Punishment: We accept apparent in our readings abounding altered examples of gods and goddesses backbreaking bodies for hybris and calumniating behavior (e.g., Lycaon, Arachne, Hippolytus, Pentheus, etc.). Compare and adverse two of these examples from the post-Odyssey readings (i.e., annihilation from Homeric Hymns, Ovid, or Euripides). For anniversary archetype you should accede the attributes of the human’s breach and the methods and motives of the god’s/goddess’ punishment, as able-bodied as any alternative accordant issues you acquisition absorbing (e.g., alternative victims, reactions from alternative gods or humans, etc.). Be abiding to use at atomic 2-3 specific, abundant textual examples for anniversary instance of all-powerful punishment.  2)  Bringing Back the Olympians? Admitting the Greek and Roman gods may assume strange, melodramatic, and at times absolute atrocious to avant-garde audiences, they were additionally the altar of religious adoration for abounding bodies for centuries. Using at atomic 4 specific, abundant examples from the texts, appraise how the Olympian Gods ability possibly fit in the avant-garde world? Can you anticipate of any affidavit why addition today ability acquisition behavior in such gods appealing? What do you anticipate would be the better drawbacks / turn-offs that would anticipate avant-garde association from accepting them? (NOTE: I am not aggravating to claiming anyone’s religious convictions, nor do I expect/want anyone to ACTUALLY try converting others, BUT I anticipate it’s absorbing to anticipate about why the Greeks and Romans admired these gods for as continued as they did – again, focus on our texts, do not accommodate an affectionate or absolute annual of your own religious beliefs) Guidelines a) Don’t do alfresco analysis for these journals. They are advised so that I can see that you’ve apprehend the texts and anticipation about them; I accept that best of you aren’t allegory experts and that’s not how I will brand them (see below) b) Address accurately the question(s) actuality asked. The prompts are carefully larboard a bit broad, but… c) Don’t try to accord a comprehensive/exhaustive answer. Focus on an bend or subtopic you acquisition absorbing and appraise it with detail (see below). For example, catechism 1 aloft asks you about Odysseus’ enemies – you don’t charge to assay every distinct enemy; instead focus on a few that you can appraise in detail. d) Don’t aloof abridge the story. Instead, advance an estimation based on your own thoughts and reading, and which you abutment with…                                                                                       e) You should accompany up at atomic 4 specific details/examples from the account that support your point(s) f) You don’t charge to adduce the argument or alike adduce exact locations (though citation can be accessible for me). By “specific example/detail”, I aloof beggarly a bright advertence to article that happens in the argument that isn’t ample or general. E.g., “Zeus turns Lycaon into a wolf” = broad, NOT SPECIFIC; “Zeus makes Lycaon into an beastly that retains his arduous bloodlust and agrarian eyes.” = specific g)The autograph doesn’t accept to be academic but you should address in complete sentences that are readily barefaced to an alfresco reader.     h) While there is no set breadth for these entries, 250-450 words should be acceptable to accomplish your point)

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