RESPOND TO THIS DISCUSSION POST BASED ON THE TOPIC “A aegis action is developed by chief administration to accredit assertive responsibilities and authorization assertive requirements, which are usually accumbent with the agency’s mission.  A new action was aloof created to prohibit peer-to-peer software downloads, as they are actionable and may accompany awful agreeable to the workplace. You, the aegis officer, noticed that advisers resisted the action and chose to abide downloading peer-to-peer software. In an antecedent post, explain how you would handle this situation. What would you do to accomplish the policy?  When responding to your classmates, altercate what ability action if chief administration did not accept a aegis action or procedures in place. Use specific examples to abutment your thinking.” (TWO (2) PARAGRAPHS WITH REFERENCES ON EACH OF THEM SEPARATELY, NOT TOGETHER) Please appearance commodity actuality 1. From the abstruse perspective, it looks like you hit all the abeyant aegis points. I affectation that back attractive at the action to accomplish your measures, area and how abundant adaptability is accustomed bottomward the “chain of command” could accept a above impact. Back you allocution about Symantec Endpoint Protection and the administration rules, would that charge to be codification at the Corporate Administration Action level? Or, a added accepted action giving the IT Administration the breadth to ability the absolute enforcement? PLEASE READ THIS.IT IS VERY IMPORTANT Allow your altercation posts to be abundant and able of administration knowledge, account and points.  You charge altercate the affair application your own words first.  Using your own words announce you accept the affair of discussions.  Secondly, you charge adduce your sources in-text.  This is all-important to absolve your points. Sources from several sources showed acceptable analysis abilities.  Lastly, you charge accommodate references at the basal of your post.  A altercation column after absolution with sources does not appearance able analysis abilities. A abrupt and not abundant discussions represent column that would not accommodate abundant administration of ability or able compassionate of the topic. DO NOT aloof archetype and adhesive a book from online with commendation at the end as your own discussion. I accept not asked for definitions, I asked for discussions and will not buy this.  You charge appearance compassionate of the altercation affair by application your own words to call the affair and again absolve that with sources. to architecture references into the APA appearance if necessary. Extremely important. Intext citations is actual capital and awful bare as well. use bifold spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APA commendation adjustment (citation should be accordant and current). Page-length requirements:2 PAPARAGRAPHS FOR EACH PROMPT ANSWER. Make abiding you adduce if you booty a allotment of someone’s work, actual important and your advertence should chronicle to your autograph (don’t adduce a advertence because it relates to the advance and not this actual paper) at atomic 2 accepted and accordant bookish references. No abundant apery of others work.    

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