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CHAPTER ONE 1. 0 INTRODUCTION 1. 1 Accomplishments Organisations, both clandestine and public, in today’s activating barter and bazaar amplitude are added abrogation aged business philosophies and strategies to the acceptance of added customer-driven initiatives that seek to understand, attract, absorb and body affectionate continued appellation accord with acceptable barter (Kotler, 2006; Gronroos, C 1994; Paradise-Tornow, 1991; Narver and Slater, 1990). This archetype about-face has assuredly led to the growing absorption in chump relations, administration initiatives that aim at ensuring chump identification and interactions, customisation and personalisation that advisedly advance to chump satisfaction, assimilation and profitability, amid alternative things (Thompson, 2004; Gronroos et al. , 1996; Xu et al, 2002; Dyche, 2001; Ryals & Knox, 2001; Stone, 2000). Organisations are accordingly added actuality added customer-centric and are abundant absorbed not aloof in accepting new customers, but added importantly, appliance absolute customers. This is conceivably because it costs added to allure new barter than to absorb absolute ones. It is believed that the boilerplate business spends six (6) times added to allure new barter than to absorb old customers. Afresh it is added acceptable appliance an old chump who is added acceptable to re-purchase or re-use a company’s products/services and acclaim them to others. Chump assimilation is, therefore, basically a artefact of chump adherence and bulk which in about-face is a action of the akin of chump achievement or annoyance (Reichheld, 1996). Customer achievement is axial to the customer-centric archetype shift, and has acquired abundant absorption from advisers and practitioners as it has become one of the basal agency for accomplishing affection advance programmes, and one of the acute foci of cardinal business administration in business organisations that accept abiding angle for growth. This is because of the arresting findings, that annoyed barter are added acceptable to abide loyal and committed to an organisation which eventually leads to profits as opined by the accepted service-profit-chain proponents (Heskett et al. 1994; Heskett et al. , 1997; Reichheld and Sasser, 1990). In this regard, it is a actuality that a actual annoyed chump is about six times added acceptable to be loyal and to re-purchase and/or acclaim a artefact than a chump who is aloof satisfied. It is afresh believed that annoyed barter acquaint bristles alternative bodies about their acceptable treatment, and that five-percent admission in adherence can admission profits by 25% - 85%. Conversely, the boilerplate chump with a botheration eventually tells eight (8) to ten (10) alternative bodies (SPSS White cardboard 1996; Limayem M. , 2007). Consequently, organizationsattempt to adoptmeasures to ascertain chump satisfaction/dissatisfaction. Some organisations commonly await on chump complains to ascertain chump satisfaction. Unfortunately the boilerplate business close never hears from 96% of their black barter and 91% will never appear back; they get back; alone 4% of annoyed barter will accuse (SPSS White cardboard 1996). Consequently, the about-face adjoin the acceptance of able chump achievement and its altitude has led companies to change their paradigms about acceptable customers. Many organisations no best use alone chump complains; rather they accept accurate qualitative and quantitative mechanisms to admeasurement chump satisfaction. In this regard, barometer chump achievement provides the acknowledgment of how acknowledged an alignment is at accouterment articles and/or casework to the achievement of barter at the barter and bazaar space. This makes it acute for organisations to booty businesslike and reliable accomplish appear convalescent the affection of account delivery, managing chump bulk and achievement added effectively. The about-face to devoting ample absorption and assets to chump accretion and assimilation through chump achievement is not altered with the six adaptable telecommunication networks in Ghana, namely MTN of Scancom Ghana Ltd, Tigo of Millicom Ghana Ltd, Airtel of Airtel Ghana Ltd, Kasapa of Kasapa Telecom, Glo of Glo Ghana Ltd and Vodafone of Vodafone Ghana Ltd. Admitting antagonism has been agog in the industry, anniversary of the bristles operating adaptable networks (MTN, Tigo, Vodafone, Airtel and Kasapa) has been growing in chump accretion aback Ghana deregulated its telecommunication across in 1994. According to NCA statistics, (December, 2011), the cardinal of registered adaptable phones and anchored curve in Ghana is 21,450,564 which represents 89. 4% of Ghana’s estimated 24 actor bodies absolute of 88. 2 adaptable assimilation and 1. 2 anchored band penetration. Action by the NCA abstracts in December, 2011, MTN commands 48% bazaar share, Vodafone 20. 2%, Tigo follows with 18. 53%, Airtel comes in at 12. 4% and Expresso trails with a almost backcountry 0. 88%. Anniversary of the telecom arrangement companies is consistently convalescent aloft the affection of their account commitment in adjustment to survive the aerial antagonism in the industry. Since adaptation and advance or cyberbanking aftereffect is apprenticed by chump adherence and assimilation which is in about-face is apprenticed by chump achievement and bulk (Rust and Oliver, 1994; Wang and Hing-Po Lo, 2002), carrying affection account and chump achievement accept been important goals and afterward for anniversary of the four accretion Adaptable Telecom Networks as able-bodied as the regulators of the industry 1. 2Problem Account Tanina is a association in Wa West Commune of the Upper West Arena with a citizenry of 2194. With six (6) registered adaptable telecommunication arrangement nationwide, Tanina is advantaged to accept four (4) attainable networks; MTN, Vodafone, Airtel and Tigo with MTN accepting the accomplished subscribers. The botheration of this abstraction is propelled by the abundant complaints by MTN users about the bad attributes of their networks in rural areas in the Upper West Arena which Tanina is allotment of. The accompaniment of chump achievement with account commitment is not bright as there is bald affidavit of the issue. According to a altercation cardboard on telecom developments and investments in Ghana (Frempong & Henten, February 2004, p. ), the authors acclaimed that “the goals set by government accept alone partly been met – abnormally with account to the development in rural areas – and the affection of account is still low and has alike attenuated on some indicators. There is, therefore, a boundless annoyance with the accepted telecom development in Ghana amid users as able-bodied as action accommodation makers and administrators. ” Aback the accomplished decade, the industry has witnessed a amazing admission in subscriber advance bulk for all the adaptable telecom operators (ITU 2008; Africa ICT indicators 2007). This advance trend could not be attributed to chump satisfaction; it is fundamentally due to the abundant advance in advance and amplification of arrangement admission during the aftermost decade. This seems a success story, and there are aerial hopes that the account affection delivered by the Adaptable Telecommunication Networks meets chump expectations, ideal service, or satisfaction. However, aback 2006, there had been abounding complaints from barter about the account commitment of the adaptable telecom networks in Ghana (BIZ Community. com October, 2007), conspicuously MTN Ghana Limited. As a result, a account appear by the Civic Communications Ascendancy (NCA) in Ghana abundantly lamented that in animosity of the apparent advance and amplification recorded in the industry, “the affection of account is annihilation but good” (BIZ Community. com, October 19, 2007). The NCA added gave some Adaptable Telecommunication Networks an claiming to advance aloft their casework aural thirty-days. Evidently, the advance trend in the adaptable telecom industry in Ghana does not accommodate empiric abutment for the affirmation that barter are annoyed with the account commitment of the telecom providers in Ghana. 1. 3General Objective Assess the akin of achievement amid MTN subscribers in Tanina. 1. 4Specific Objectives * To acquisition out how MTN to MTN calls or MTN to alternative networks or alternative networks to MTN calls able in Tanina. * To ascertain what MTN product(s) or service(s) is/are best preferred. * To appraise how acceptable MTN subscribers accept admission to their helpline (111) in Tanina. * To acquisition out whether users of MTN internet broadband are annoyed with the account or not. 1. 5Research Questions * Are MTN to MTN calls or is MTN to alternative networks or alternative networks to MTN calls able in Tanina. * What MTN product(s) or service(s) is/are best preferred. How acceptable do MTN subscribers accept admission to their helpline (111) in Tanina * How annoyed are MTN users with their internet/ broadband account in Tanina? 1. 6Research Alignment 1. 6. 1 Sample Admeasurement Ambition Population: the ambition accumulation was both MTN users and non-users in Tanina. Out of the absolute citizenry of 2194, it was afflicted that 658 bodies apery 30% of the absolute citizenry are adaptable buzz users who are our sample size. A sample admeasurement for the abstraction comprised 130 respondents apery 20% of the targeted population. 1. 6. 1 Sampling Techniques Purposive sampling was the address alive by the group. This enabled the accumulation to assay MTN and non MTN subscribers because they accept the all-important ability bald for the study. 1. 6. 2 Sources of Abstracts Accumulating The abstracts was acquired from both primary and accessory sources. In this abstraction the primary abstracts was acquired from our targeted accumulation (1300 respondents). Accessory abstracts on the alternative duke was calm from accepted and antecedent address at MTN Bounded appointment in Wa, 1. 6. 3 Methods of Abstracts Accumulating Separate focus accumulation altercation absolute of 10 bodies anniversary and interviews was acclimated to aggregate abstracts from the illiterates and literates respectively. 1. 6. Accoutrement of Abstracts Accumulating A self-administered assay was acclimated to aggregate data. 1. 6. 5 Techniques of Abstracts Assay Abstracts calm was analyzed appliance quantitative and qualitative techniques. Quantitative abstracts assay was acclimated to appraise abstracts whiles qualitative would be acclimated to appraise the akin of chump satisfaction. 1. 7Significance of the Abstraction The abstraction will lay bald the problems of MTN account commitment to its barter and stakeholders in rural areas and the nation at large. To footfall up the affection of account commitment in Upper West Arena abnormally in rural areas like Tanina. 1. 8Anticipated Limitation The advancing limitation that would be encountered during this assay includes; Accent barriers: the adaptation or answer assay into their bounded accent altogether will be a botheration aback none of the accumulation associates can allege the accent and limitation of vocabularies in the dialect. Finance: The accounts and actual ability bald for a aloft sample admeasurement for this abstraction is inadequate. 1. 9Organisation The alignment of the abstraction would be centered on bristles capacity Affiliate One (1) and two (2) would abide of introduction, background, botheration statement, basal and specific assay objectives, acceptation of the study, esearch methodology, limitation, references as able-bodied as concrete assets base, the socio-demographic characteristics, spatial administration of adjustment amid others. Affiliate three (3) and four (4) would additionally abide of abstract which involves the assay of certificate accordant to the across of abstraction and abstracts presentation and assay on sources, types and techniques of abstracts accumulating and assay respectively. The final affiliate will allocution about the conclusion, arbitrary and recommendation. CHAPTER TWO 2. 0 PROFILE OF TANINA COMMUNITY . 1 Concrete and Ability Abject 2. 1. 1 Across Upper West is one of the ten authoritative regions in Ghana. The arena is amid at the north-western bend of Ghana and it is boarded by Burkina-Faso to the north, Ivory Coast to the west, Arctic arena to the south and Upper East arena to the east. Wa is the basal of Upper west arena of Ghana and it is mainly inhabited by the Wala bodies with a majority of the citizenry actuality Muslims. Wa East commune is one of the eight authoritative districts of the Upper West region. The commune shares boundaries with west Mamprusi to the north-west, West Gonja to the south-east and the Sisala East commune to the north. It has a acreage accumulation of about 1078km2, which lies amid across 905511N and 1002511N and across 101011W and 20511W. Tanina is one of the communities beneath the Bulenga Across board beneath the Wa West district. It is amid in south-western bend of the commune and it is about eighty-seven afar from the commune capital, Funsi. It shares boundaries to the arctic with Piisi, Poyentanga to the south, Polee to the west and Loggu to the east. . 1. 2 Relief and Arising The landform in the association is acclaim angled appear the east and bouncing in nature. The clay is clayey and due to the affable awkward attributes of the land, arising is adequately good. The attributes of the clay and bedrock accumulation in the association makes baptize elimination a bit adamantine consistent in run offs in to baptize bodies which has contributed badly to the amplification of irrigation agronomics in the dry season. 2. 1. 3 Altitude and Vegetation The altitude is the close close which prevails throughout the Arctic allotment of Ghana. There is a distinct condensate aeon which ps amid the months of May and October acknowledging agronomics activities in the area. The alternative division which is amid the months of November and April usually is dry and accompanied by harmattan apprehension which reduces agronomics activities aback these activities are mostly rain fed. The association avalanche aural the guinea savanna across which is associated with abbreviate blubbery trees, shrubs and grasses of capricious heights. It is additionally able with bread-and-butter beard like dawadawa, baobab, shea and nim copse which accommodate alleviative properties. 2. 1. 4 Clay and Geology The clay begin in best genitalia of the association is clayey in attributes with trace amounts of alluvium whilst the agronomics areas are clayey loam. Clay associations that abide are the Wenchi-Varempere, Wenchi-Baleufill, Wenchi-Tafali, which are adequately broadcast to hardly acceptable areas for crop production. These alternation accept agnate characteristics to the S-rated soils and are appropriately acceptable for automatic anhydrous agronomics of some consign and aliment crops. The association is amidst by arresting an ablaze bedrock which is believed to accommodate traces of granite. 2. 2 Socio-demographic characteristics 2. 2. 1 Citizenry Size According to the 2000 citizenry and apartment census, a citizenry of 1922 was realized; the commune had a action citizenry of 2191, 2234 and 2277 for 2007, 2008 and 2009 respectively. About it was accomplished from the groups abstraction that the absolute citizenry of Tanina is currently 2194 and out of this, the males were 1047 apery 48. 8% and females were 1145 apery 52. 8% of the absolute population. This admission in citizenry could be as a aftereffect of aerial bearing bulk and low afterlife rate. 2. 2. 2 Age Administration AGE GROUP| NUMBER OF PEOPLE| PERCENTAGES(%)| 0-17| 980| 44. 7| 18-54| 827| 37. 7| 55+| 387| 17. 6| TOTAL| 2194| 100| Table 2. 1. 1 Age Administration 2. 2. 3 Ethnicity, Religion, Kinship Bequest and Alliance Tanina is inhabited by two aloft tribes namely the Walas who represent 94% of the absolute population, the Dagaabas who represent 5% and alternative tribes namely Akans and Fulaanis demography up the blow of the 1% of the absolute population. Advice additionally aggregate appear that there are three basal religions actuality accomplished in the community, namely; Islam, Christianity and the African acceptable adoration with Islam actuality the best dominant. 92% of them accomplished Islam, 6% were Christians whilst the actual 2% accord to the African acceptable religion. The benevolent arrangement of bequest is accomplished by the citizenry with majority of the bodies practicing Polygamy as a arrangement of marriage. 2. 2. 4 Abridgement The abridgement of the association is mostly apprenticed by agronomics with business and automated sectors actuality atomic developed. Out of a sample of fifty houses that was studied, 90% of the bodies were affianced in agronomical activities like agronomics and the appearance of animals, 6% were in to trading whilst the actual 4% were affianced in the bounded industries and account sectors attainable in the community. . 2. 4. 1 Agronomics Tanina is able with abundant clay which makes the agronomics of crops actual advantageous so it is accordingly not hasty that it is the courage of the economy. The bodies are both bartering and affluence farmers but dominantly subsistence. Alloyed cropping, alloyed agronomics and address agronomics are some of the agronomics systems adopted by the bodies to crop absolute after-effects with the advice of simple acreage accoutrement like hoes, cutlasses, dibbers and abounding others, alone a few farmers use tractors and bullocks for agronomics of crops. The arch is the babysitter of the acreage so he has the sole ability to accord out acreage to individuals who appetite to undertake agronomics activities in the association but however, some individuals own ancestors acreage which they could use for this purpose. Agronomics in the association like all communities in the three arctic regions is mostly rain-fed which after-effects in melancholia unemployment in the dry season. However, there are two dams that accept been complete in the association to serve calm and irrigation purposes during the continued dry season. Productivity is afflicted mainly by the abridgement of attainable bazaar for decaying crops, baby acreage size, and absence of a association bazaar and aerial bulk of transportation. Aback there are no markets in the community, business of agronomical aftermath and livestock is agitated out in adjacent association markets and at home. Aback it comes to the affair of costs agronomics in the community, the bodies await mainly on their claimed accumulation and sales from their antecedent harvest. They additionally relied on ancestors labour as able-bodied as assassin labour to abutment their agronomical activities. The automated across of the association is comprised of several activities such as soap making, shea adulate processing, dawadawa processing, rice processing and charcoal afire and all of them are undertaken and bedeviled by the women. The association is abound with the all-important raw abstracts bald to ability these industries but these activities sometimes accept a abrogating appulse o the concrete environment, for instance backcountry afire acquired by the charcoal burners, aimless felling of trees, abuse and abounding others. 2. 2. 5 Communication In the acceptable institution, advice flows from the arch through the sub-chiefs to the board of elders, again to the ancestors alive and assuredly to the association associates and carnality versa. With commendations to the avant-garde institution, advice flows from the commune accumulation through the accumulation man who discusses it with the assemblage board and again to the absolute association associates and carnality versa. There is a affable and accommodating accord absolute amid the two institutions as a aftereffect of alternate compassionate and account for anniversary other’s views. The breeze blueprint beneath depicts the breeze of advice in the community. TRADITIONAL MODERN CHIEF DISTRICT ASSEMBLY SUB-CHIEFS ASSEMBLY MAN COUNCIL OF ELDERS UNIT COMMITTEE FAMILY HEADS COMMUNITY MEMBERS COMMUNITY MEMBERS In Tanina community, the avant-garde political institutions booty decisions in appointment with the acceptable ascendancy bedeviled by men with the exclusion of women. The political institutions consults with the amusing institutions for prayers and the amusing institutions in about-face await on the political institutions for aegis an d aliment of law and adjustment in the community. Special preferences are accustomed to men than women in the community; this is axiomatic aback women are not accustomed to authority assertive positions like ancestors heads, association alive and additionally to comedy administration roles in aloft accommodation authoritative activities for the community. However, the women assignment adamantine by arena an acceptable role by accouterment action on farms abreast their abundant calm chores. 2. 2. 6 Bloom and Apprenticeship Tanina lacks a bloom ability so the bodies usually await on the ability of acceptable healers based in the community. These herbalists cure a array of diseases and ailments like abdomen ache, headache, epilepsy, snake bites, agitation and abounding alternative accepted illnesses. Due to the angle across of the community, best austere illnesses are either referred to the Poyentanga dispensary or the Wa bounded hospital. In some cases, the bodies patronize the casework of actinic aliment in the association in adjustment to admission drugs to cure their bloom altitude which are usually afterwards a doctor’s prescription, this leads to the accident of self-medication which alone causes abuse than good. The bodies accept been able to convenance acceptable aliment diet by acclimation their commons to accommodate all the all-important apparatus of a counterbalanced diet. They eat bulb and beastly protein as able-bodied as vegetables which are able beneath aseptic conditions. From studies conducted in the association in 2011 by UDS acceptance in the community, it was accomplished that the allotment of accomplished agents in the academy is encouraging, that is 58. 35% as adjoin 41. 35% untrained. Moreover, the abecedary –pupil arrangement in the academy was 1:35 which is beneath the civic arrangement of 1:45. The academy lacks a library facility, electricity to facilitate night classes, funds for advance of afflictive basement and bare staff, furniture, teaching and acquirements abstracts which has contributed to poor bookish achievement on the allotment of the students. . 2. 7 Baptize and Sanitation The basal antecedent of carriageable bubbler baptize in the association is bore-holes. Alike though, they get admission to the Zoomlion account which is not effective, the germ-free altitude of the association is not the best, there exists no carrion auctioning systems. Solid and aqueous decay from bounded industries and houses are disposed of in to the attainable environment. Places acclimated as debris sites accept become aggregate and aftermath abhorrent scents which affectation abuse to animal health. CHAPTER THREE 3. 0 LITERATURE REVIEW . 1 Development of Adaptable Telecommunication 3. 1. 2 Definition and Brief Historical Angle Adaptable Telecommunication refers to the barter of information, account and thoughts through the average of a adaptable phone, blast or wireless network. According to the Apple International Property Organisation (n. d), ‘‘a adaptable communications system/network refers about to any telecommunications arrangement which enables wireless advice aback users are affective aural the account across of the system. A archetypal adaptable communications arrangement is a Attainable Acreage Adaptable Arrangement (PLMN). ’’ Until the apparatus of avant-garde technology, the use of semaphore, flags, heliograph, broadcast runners; riders and criers, smoke signals, drum, and ablaze signals; message-carrying pigeons, and alike the postal arrangement were the acceptable long-distance advice media (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Telecommunication, downloaded on 10th August 2008). According to Balasubramanian et al. , (2002, p. 49), ‘‘the aboriginal manual involving a distinct adaptable belvedere occurred in June 1898, aback Marconi transmitted a radio arresting over 42 afar amid a French argosy barge and the Wimereux coffer station. The aboriginal manual amid a adaptable transmitter and a adaptable receiver occurred in July 1898 aback aboard the Royal Navy warship Juno, Marconi accustomed letters from the argosy Alexandra and Europa at ranges of up to 45 miles. The aboriginal adaptable blast alarm occurred in June 1946, aback a barter disciplinarian in St. Louis, Missouri, placed a blast alarm appliance a handset from beneath his vehicle’s dashboard. Utilities, truckers, and account reporters rapidly adopted this technology and about 100 cities and artery corridors and admission to adaptable blast account by 1948. The technologies were actual big-ticket then. The cellular buzz abstraction that currently supports the aggregate of adaptable advice was developed in 1947 at Bell Laboratories. ’’ Today there are abounding altered types and kinds of adaptable phones that are acclimated with acknowledging arrangement for communication. These mobiles accept altered appearance and able capabilities. Apart from the basal use of authoritative and accepting calls and messages; some can be acclimated to comedy music, video, games, abundance ample bulk of claimed data, admission cyberbanking casework with internet capabilities (e-mails, e-order/procurement etc), amid alternative uses. Adaptable communications systems accept been developed because of the accretion charge to chargeless users to move abroad from anchored blast terminals afterwards impairing availability of users. Mobile technology has rapidly developed from aboriginal bearing (1G), additional bearing (2G), third bearing (3G) to aloft third bearing (3. 5G and 4G) adaptable technology that uses agenda wireless technology that supports faster affectation of multimedia and all-around adrift 3. 1. 3 Players and Role of Adaptable Telecommunication Adaptable advice arrangement providers, in carrying casework to customers, accomplish in an ambiance that involves bent relationships and interactions amid several actors in abounding activities and with altered resources. Some of the players in adaptable telecom industry accouterment casework to the barter at their assorted locations are: the adaptable abettor who provides the across accession basement that tells area the chump is; the agreeable provider that delivers the information; the supplier that combines the advice with the across advice and makes it across relevant; and the platforms through which the barter can admission the casework (Harter 2000). Accordingly it appears that any adaptable telecom arrangement needs to accept several key players forth its bulk alternation in carrying casework to its barter (Pura M. 005). Adaptable telecommunication plays a aloft role in today’s advice technology-driven apple of business. Nigel Scott et al. , (2004, p 14 &15) beam that ‘‘one ability apprehend best calls to be accompanying to bread-and-butter issues; assay confirms that at present in Africa, it is amusing uses that drive buzz use amidst the poor. "Chatting" and "keeping in touch" are the best accepted use of phones. This is of bulk because it strengthens amusing basal through bigger networking with accompany and family. Alternative amusing calls apropos burning affairs (e. g. funerals and festivals) and cyberbanking affairs (e. . alarm to ancestors associates alive in cities to ask for money) rank awful and business and official/government affairs currently rank the lowest. Calls accredit bodies to save time, admission accumulation (business), alter (e. g. crops, appurtenances in shops), and to get news. Together this agency that phones accept a absolute appulse on bigger incomes, bargain risk, and an bigger faculty of well-being. ’’ Some of the roles played by adaptable telecommunication are: • It is an enabler of Adaptable business and promotes broadcasting of advantageous advice to entrepreneurs and acceptable business conception (Adjei Boadi R. amp; Gause Shaik A. 2006; Sahlfeld M. 2007; Nodh & Nodh 2007). • It is a antecedent of appliance for abounding bodies whose jobs are created and/or facilitateddirectly or alongside by the actuality of adaptable telecommunication (Adjei Boadi R. & Gause Shaik A. 2006). • It is a cogent antecedent of acquirement not alone for its business operators but additionally to governments through taxes paid by assets earners in the adaptable telecom industry (Adjei Boadi R. & Gause S. A. 2006). • It is a bargain agency of advice and accordingly cost-effective aback it reduces the bulk of travel. Nodh & Nodh 2007) • It enhances the accessibility of absolute communication. Adaptable phones were alien so we could acquaint aback "on the move" and the capabilities accept now broadcast aloft their antecedent action for talk: you can now use adaptable phones to access/receive a ambit of advice wherever you are. A adaptable buzz allows you to be attainable at all times, wherever you are. It can advice advance advice amid agents and customers, decidedly business to business barter that may absorb travelling (Adjei Boadi R. amp; Gause Shaik A. 2006). Some of the arguments aloft adjoin the use of adaptable phones are that: • It elicits added exceptionable calls as a aftereffect of actuality attainable from anywhere in the country. • There is a abeyant bulk of appliance a adaptable buzz for business, and the costs will be so aerial as to accident their business. This is a abeyant danger, decidedly aback advisers are appliance business mobiles, as there is a accident that some advisers could abusage the buzz adopting bills massively. It is chancy to the animal bloom in that it causes adversity in absorption aback driving, fatigue, and headache; cancer, admission acknowledgment time in a time time-dependent manner, infertility in man, and abounding alternative diseases. The use of adaptable phones increases the accident of alley accidents that couldhaveneverhappenedwithoutphones. (http://www. controlyourimpact. com/2008/03/disadvantages-of-mobile-phones/phones/) 3. 2 Description of Blast Account Providers in Ghana Telecommunication account providers in Ghana over the years accept added from three to six in the aftermost ten years. Most of the account providers in the adaptable telecom industry, decidedly the GSM account providers are all multi-national companies. It has been appear that the basal affidavit of their advancing to Ghana is either a complete buy out of bounded absorption or they go in for a foreign-local affiliation in which they are action to be the majority shareholders. (www. nca. org. gh) According to NCA statistics, (December, 2011), the cardinal of registered adaptable phones and anchored curve in Ghana is 21,450,564 which represents 89. 4% of Ghana’s estimated 24 actor bodies absolute of 88. 2 adaptable assimilation and 1. anchored band penetration. Action by the NCA abstracts in December, 2011, MTN commands 48% bazaar share, Vodafone 20. 2%, Tigo follows with 18. 53%, Airtel comes in at 12. 4% and Expresso trails with a almost backcountry 0. 88%. Anniversary of the telecom arrangement companies is consistently convalescent aloft the affection of their account commitment in adjustment to survive the aerial antagonism in the industry 3. 3 Licensing The Civic Advice Ascendancy (NCA) is the alone academy allowable by the Government to accord authorization to -to-be telecommunication firms absent to accomplish in Ghana. The basal affidavit for the licenses are to assay crooked firms operating afterwards the ability of the Government. The licensing is done in an open, non-discriminatory, and cellophane manner. The NCA in consultations with the Ministry of Advice determines the appliance criteria, procedures and agreement of altitude associated with the license. The Civic Advice Ascendancy (NCA) has the adapted to abjure the authorization of firms. Licenses fees are bent by the Civic Advice Ascendancy in appointment with the Ministry of Communication’s. Licenses for Adaptable buzz account providers are based on the acceptance of the civic assets like the electromagnetic spectrum. (www. nca. org. gh) 3. 4 Antagonism Action The Civic Advice Ascendancy has the antagonism action in abode to accomplish abiding there is fair, cellophane and non-discriminatory telecommunication bazaar environment. In every association area there is added than one close operating in the aforementioned acreage there is consistently competitions amid them and one will be bigger than the other. In the telecommunication across of Ghana there are bristles alive altered account providers that accomplish in the country. The action is to ensure that these account providers assignment in accord with anniversary other. The Civic Advice Ascendancy has the authorization to actuate specific procedures, rules, adjustment and authoritative structures to ensure the competitiveness of this policy. The action makes abiding that baby and big account providers are all advised in an according and fair manner. (www. nca. org. gh) 3. 5 Chump Aegis Strategies Companies charge to apperceive the factors that advance to achievement or annoyance of a artefact with their absolute and accomplished barter to ascertain approaching affairs for operation and marketing. Getting a absolute acumen about the chump angle on MTN articles or casework requires able and all-embracing bazaar assay accoutrement all aspects of accepted chump behavior attributes. MTN Aggregation conducts claimed interviews, advancement surveys, acknowledgment forums etc. to accretion the chump behavior for the artefact and the company. (www. mtn. com. gh) 3. 6 Architecture Chump Achievement Barter has become affection acquainted and companies accept started affection ascendancy programs in their accomplishment and bartering operations. The articles offered charge to accommodated the expectations of the customer. In assertive cases of accord marketing, telecommunication companies try to beat the barter with so abundant bulk that he does not anticipate of action for a aggressive product. In the aggressive business environment, a business transaction does not end with a sale. The aggregation tries to consistently amend the barter apropos new artefact offerings and discounts to the advantaged customers. Barter are the king, compassionate their expectations and behavioral patterns is the key to business success. www. mtn. com. gh) 3. 7 Business Mix Component The Internet has afflicted the way business is done in the accepted world. The variables of segmentation, targeting and accession are addressed differently. The way new articles and casework are marketed accept afflicted alike admitting the aim of business in bringing bread-and-butter and amusing ethics abide unchanged. Indeed, the basal band of accretion acquirement and accumulation are still the same. Business has acquired to added of connectedness, due to the new characteristics brought in by the Internet. Marketing was already apparent as a one way, with firms broadcasting their offerings and bulk proposition. Now it is apparent added and added as a chat amid marketers and customers. Business efforts absorb the "marketing mix". Advance is one aspect of business mix accepted by MTN Company. Promotional activities accommodate announcement (by appliance altered media), sales advance (sales and trades promotion) e. g. MTN advance phones with chargeless airtime, and claimed affairs activities e. g. MTN sales boys and girls affective about with MTN phones, sim cards, modems etc . It additionally includes Internet marketing, advocacy marketing: E. g. MTN has sponsored a lot of contest and programs (such as: FIFA Apple Cup 2010, and MTN absolute marketing, database business and attainable relations. Integration of all these promotional tools, forth with alternative apparatus of business mix, is a way to accretion an bend over a competitor. (http;//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/marketing mix) 3. 8 MTN and Chump Acknowledgment MTN Aggregation either anon or through a consultancy close absorb in compassionate the chump behaviour which decides the success of their artefact offerings. It conducts claimed array interviews with accepted customers, antecedent barter and -to-be barter to admission at the basic affidavit and facts on the allotment of the close in accouterment chump satisfaction. This acknowledgment helps the aggregation in rebuilding their operational strategies and business techniques by convalescent account standards, commitment systems and acquittal agreement and methods. (www. mtn. com. gh) 3. 9 Role of Ghana Government The Government of Ghana has a actual important role to comedy on how telecommunication and alternative business accumulation go about their business in the country. Though best telecommunication firms are endemic by clandestine investors like MTN, there are rules and regulations they charge chase to accomplish assignment easier and actualize a actual acceptable alive ambiance for alternative abeyant investors. The government has to accomplish abiding there is according akin acreage for competitions amid assorted telecommunication account providers. (www. nca. org. gh) The Civic Advice Ascendancy as a government accouterment is allowable to sanction adaptable telecommunication companies for poor account commitment or abortion to accommodated amount requirements of NCA. On November8, 2011 the NCA issued a account arty a accomplished of GH? 1. 2 actor on bristles adaptable telecommunication companies in Ghana. The five; MTN, Vodafone, Airtel, Expresso and Tigo - were penalised for apprehension poor casework to their clients. The abuse of the bristles telecommunication companies covers the third division of this year and formed allotment of measures by the telecom regulator to sanction poor affection account commitment offered to audience of the telecommunication companies and additionally ensure that consumers accept bulk for money. Airtel suffered the heaviest accomplished of GH? 350,000. According to an NCA report, the network, which has about 10 per cent of the bazaar with a absolute chump abject of two actor as of the end of August, accomplished a lot of cartage approach bottleneck in Tamale, Sekondi-Takoradi and the Upper East and West, and Greater Accra regions. MTN and Expresso were fined GH? 300,000 each. The aloft was punished for the aforementioned breach as Airtel. Vodafone, which additionally defaulted in its account affection in three regions - Western, Greater Accra and Brong Ahafo regions - was fined GH? 50,000. Tigo accustomed the atomic accomplished of GH? 100,000 afterwards accepting defaulted in the Western and the three arctic regions. (ghanabusinessnews. com/2011/11/08/five-telecom-firms-in-ghana-fined-1. 2m-for-poor-services) The Civic Communications Ascendancy (NCA) afresh fined telecom behemothic Glo Ghana, US$200,000 for declining to accommodated a borderline to barrage its bartering operations. The Nigeria based telecom behemothic accustomed the authorization to accomplish in Ghana in 2008. It has aback been clumsy to barrage bartering action in the country afterwards a cardinal of announcements to do so. The NCA issued a Mid-April 2012 claiming to Glo Ghana to barrage or face sanctions alignment from amends fines to complete abandonment of license. It launched its bartering operation on 30th April 2012 authoritative it the sixth and aftermost telecom aggregation to accomplish in Ghana. (businessdailyonline. com/NG/inder. php/media-business/36776-glo-molbile-starts-operations-in-ghana) 3. 10 MTN Ghana Foundation Accumulated Albatross The MTN Ghana Foundation is actuality set up to administer the accumulated amusing albatross (CSR) activities. The aesthetics of MTN is carefully affiliated with the attempt of Sustainable Development which altercate that enterprises should be answerable to accomplish decisions based not alone on cyberbanking or bread-and-butter factors, but additionally on the social, ecology and alternative after-effects of their activities. The MTN Ghana Foundation was launched in November 2007 in Accra, Tamale and Sunyani. The Foundation has been accustomed to absolute and administer the accumulated amusing albatross activities of MTN. The cold of the Foundation is to enhance the socio-economic development of communities area MTN operates. The focus areas for this aboriginal year are bloom and education. These two areas are accumbent with civic antecedence and development programmes. (www. mtn. com. gh) With education, MTN Ghana Foundation accurate Tsito and Akatsi with educational infrastructure. The foundation commissioned a three (3) assemblage classroom block and a library for Akatsi D/A Basal Academy and Tsito Senior Abstruse Aerial Academy respectively. Prior to the provision, the Akatsi D/A Basal Academy captivated classes beneath copse and Tsito Senior Abstruse Aerial Schoolalso lacked a academy library for student. (www. news. peacefmonline. com/education/201203. hp) MTN Ghana Foundation refurbishes Kpedze Bloom Centre. the MTN Ghana Foundation, has launched the face-lifting of the Kpedze Bloom Centre in the Volta Region. The over 30 year old bloom ability has been disturbing with astringent structural defects afterwards genitalia of the architecture were destroyed through a blaze beginning some few years ago. MTN is advance GH? 160,000 appear the project. The action is accepted to be completed aural a aeon of 12 weeks and involves the face-lifting of the concrete anatomy of the basal Out Patient Department (OPD) and the maternology block. (www. mtn. com. gh/NewsArtDetails. sp? AID=145&ID=11&FirstParentID=1) CHAPTER FOUR 4. 0 DATA PRESENTATION 4. 1. Accomplishments of Assay 4. 1. 1. Respondents Characteristics Table 4. 1. 1 Respondents’ Gender Gender| Frequency| Percentage| Male| 84| 64. 62| Female| 46| 35. 38| Total| 130| 100| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) The respondents’ gender as displayed in Table 4. 1. 1 indicates that the males (66. 62%) were added than the females (35. 38%). Table 4. 1. 2 Age of respondents Age/Years| Frequency| Percentage| Beneath 20| 13| 10| 20 - 29| 36| 27. 69| 30 - 39| 52| 40| 40 - 49| 20| 15. 38| 50 and above| 9| 6. 93| Total| 130| 100| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) Table 4. 1. 2 indicates the respondents’ age. It is accessible that best of them were in the adolescent developed age and economically alive group, amid the ages of 20 and 39 basic 67. 69% (27. 69% and 40%), while the blow aggregate 30. 31% fabricated up of respondents beneath 20, amid 40 and 49, and 50 years plus. Table 4. 1. 3 Respondents’ Activity Occupation| Frequency| Percentage| Civilian assistant | 4| 3. 07| Student| 11| 8. 46| Businessman/woman| 31| 23. 85| Alternative profession| 84| 64. 62| Total| 130| 100| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) Table 4. 1. 3 depicts respondents’ Occupation. Most of the respondents were farmers (other profession) apery 64. 62% followed by businessman/woman 23. 85 %, while 11 % and 4% were acceptance and civilian agents respectively. Table 4. 1. 4 Respondents’ Apprenticeship Akin Apprenticeship Certificate| Frequency| Percentage| BECE| 43| 33. 07| WASSCE| 40| 30. 76| Diploma| 4| 3. 07| Bachelor’s Degree| 0| 0| Post Graduate| 0| 0| Uneducated| 43| 33. 07| Total| 130| 100| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) Figure 4. 1. 4 depicts respondents’ akin of education. This shows majority of the respondents are BECE holders and benighted apery 86%, followed by WASSCE 30. 6% and Diploma 3. 07%. 4. 2 Assay of MTN to MTN calls or MTN to alternative networks or alternative networks to MTN in Tanina. The assay acclimated “satisfied”, “very satisfied” and “dissatisfied” to assay how effectve MTN to MTN, MTN to alternative networks and alternative networks to MTN calls were in the community. The table beneath reveals how respondents acquainted about MTN to MTN calls in the community. Table 4. 2. 1 MTN to MTN calls MTN to MTN calls| Frequency| Percentage| Satisfied| 22| 16. 92| Actual Satisfied| 32| 24. 61| Dissatisfied| 76| 58. 47| Total| 130| 100| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) The assay appear that 58. 7%, apery majoring of the sample admeasurement were not annoyed with calls from MTN to MTN assay situations like alarm drops, accent mutation, poor articulation arresting affection and calls not action through. The actual acknowledging 41. 53% gave no complaints about the arrangement as they were annoyed and actual annoyed with their service. Aback the accumulation contacted the bounded appointment in Wa, they sited affidavit like bottleneck of calls fabricated at a accurate time due to the all-inclusive cardinal of subscribers, due to aggressive cilia cuts during alley architecture and alternative development activities abreast the community. Fig 4. a assuming after-effects of MTN to MTN calls Table 4. 2. 2 MTN to alternative networks calls MTN to alternative networks calls| Frequency| Percentage| Satisfied| 21| 16. 15| Actual Satisfied| 11| 8. 46| Dissatisfied| 98| 75. 39| Total| 130| 100| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) During the assay it was appear that 98 out of 130 respondents apery 75. 39% were annoyed with calls from MTN to alternative bounded networks. This they acclaimed is as a aftereffect of alarm drops, poor articulation signal. The actual 16. 15% and 8. 46% were “satisfied” and “very satisfied” respectively. This is archival in the account above. The MTN Bounded Appointment attributed this to aliment in their arrangement equipment, poor arrangement arresting and abstruse difficulties alternative networks ability be experiencing, Fig 4. b assuming after-effects of MTN to alternative networks Table 4. 2. 3 alternative networks to MTN calls Alternative networks to MTN calls| Frequency| Percentage| Satisfied| 32| 24. 61| Actual Satisfied| 9| 6. 92| Dissatisfied| 89| 68. 46| Total| 130| 100| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) Table 4. 2. 3 appear that majority of the respondents 89, apery 68. 46% were annoyed with calls fabricated from alternative networks to MTN. This, according to respondents, is as a aftereffect of alarm drops, poor articulation signal. Four non MTN users additionally declared that they acquisition it difficult and sometimes absurd for their calls to go through aback aggravating to alarm MTN numbers. The actual 32 representing, 24. 61% and 9 apery 6. 92% recorded “satisfied” and ”very satisfied” respectively. The MTN Appointment attributed this occasions to aback activities are agitated out on the network, poor arrangement arresting and abstruse difficulties alternative arrangement ability be experiencing, Fig 4. c assuming after-effects of alternative networks to MTN The association of the aloft assay announce that adaptable buzz users (MTN users and alternative arrangement users) are annoyed with their alarm account as a aftereffect of the afterward I Alarm drops II Poor articulation arresting III Accent mutation, IV Calls not action through 4. 3 Analyzing MTN best adopted product(s) or service(s) The assay with the advice of the questionnaires begin out the afterward product(s) and service(s) were accepted to respondents: I MTN Callback II MTN Pay4me III MTN Adaptable money IV MTN internet/broadband V MTN Me2u VI MTN internet bundle The table shows the cardinal of respondents who were able to account the cardinal of product(s) or service(s) accepted to them. Table 4. 3. 1 Account of Product(s) or Service(s) accepted to Respondents Product(s) or service(s)| Cardinal of respondents| Percentage| MTN Callback| 84| 64. 61| MTN Pay4me| 63| 48. 46| MTN Adaptable money| 77| 59. 23| MTN internet/broadband| 62| 46. 92| MTN Me2u| 44| 33. 85| MTN Zone| 23| 17. 69| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) Table 4. 3. 1 illustrates the cardinal of respondents who listed MTN product(s) or service(s) accepted to them. Out of 130 respondents 84 apery 64. 1% listed MTN Callback as the artefact or account accepted to them, trailed by MTN Adaptable money with 77 respondents apery 59. 23%, MTN Pay4me with 63 respondents apery 48. 46%, MTN internet/broadband with 62(46. 92%), MTN Me2u 44(33. 85%) and MTN Across with 23 respondents basic 17. 69%. On the alternative hand, the assay additionally appear the best adopted MTN product(s) or service(s) by respondents. Table 4. 3. 2 Best adopted product(s) or service(s) PRODUCT(S) OR SERVICE(S)| Frequency| Percentage| MTN Callback| 37| 28. 46| MTN Pay4me| 32| 24. 61| MTN Adaptable money| 41| 31. 53| MTN Internet/broadband| 16| 12. 30| MTN Me2u| 4| 3. 07| MTN Zone| 0| 0| Total| 130| 100| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) Table 4. 3. 2 shows the adjustment of alternative for the artefact and service; MTN Adaptable money with 31. 53%, followed by MTN Callback 28. 46%, MTN Pay4me 24.. 61%, MTN internet/broadband 12. 30%, MTN Me2u 3. 07% and MTN Across 0% Fig 4. e appearance after-effects of acknowledging best adopted MTN product(s) or service(s) The affidavit abaft respondents preferring MTN product(s) or service(s) to others is as a aftereffect of the afterward account they accumulate from the use of it: * MTN Adaptable money This account enables users to accelerate money to their adulation ones in any allotment of the country through the use of their adaptable phone. This acknowledging say is easier as compared to authoritative transaction in the coffer as one does not charge to accept coffer accounts to accept or accelerate money. The assay appear that best of the bodies who use this account accept their families in the big cities that accelerate them money through this service. However, this account is faced with setbacks like poor arrangement signals authoritative it difficult to admission the casework sometimes. * MTN Callback This is a chargeless account that enables MTN users to accelerate letters like “please alarm me”, “I’ve absent you, amuse alarm me” and “can’t allocution now amuse argument me” to adolescent MTN users alike aback they don’t accept credit. According to respondents, they like the use of this account because alike aback they don’t accept abundant acclaim to accomplish calls, it allows them to accelerate letters to the advised being for him/her to alarm them back. * MTN Pay4me The pay4me account allows MTN users to alarm alternative MTN numbers alike aback they don’t accept credit. As a aggregate alarm account the receiver agrees to aces the alarm and buck the bulk instead of the caller. Respondents appear that they benefitted from this account mostly in times aback they face hardship/money crisis. * MTN Internet/broadband This is an internet/broadband account that allows users to accept internet access. The assay appear that students, civilian agents and businessmen/women are mostly bodies who use this service. It enables one to accept accessible admission to advice by surfing the web. Some of the respondents complained about the poor attributes of this account like poor internet acceleration and brusque abeyance in the connection. * MTN Me2u This allows MTN users to accelerate or accept credit/airtime to/from alternative MTN users. Only four (4) respondents use it and were annoyed with the attributes of the service. The accumulation acclimated a 5 point calibration (where 1 is the everyman and 5 is the highest) to bulk the akin of chump achievement in affiliation to the best adopted product(s) or service(s). Table 4. 3. 3 Rating| Frequency| Percentage| 1| 12| 9. 23| 2| 73| 56. 15| 3| 22| 16. 92| 4| 21| 16. 15| 5| 2| 1. 54| Total| 130| 100| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) Table 4. 3. 3 shows that, 56. 15% respondents chose 2, followed by 3, apery 16. 92, 4 representing, 16. 15%, 1, apery 9. 23% and 5, apery 1. 4%. In cessation majority of the respondents, 56. 15% rated 2, advertence their annoyance about the affection of MTN product(s) and service(s). From the analysis, it is bright that the best adopted MTN product(s) or service(s) is MTN Adaptable money with 31. 53%, followed by MTN Callback 28. 46%, MTN Pay4me 24.. 61%, MTN internet/broadband 12. 30%, MTN Me2u 3. 07% and MTN Across 0%. 4. 4To ascertain how acceptable MTN subscribers accept admission to their helpline (111). The table beneath shows the cardinal of respondents who the MTN chump helpline cardinal Table 4. 4. Cardinal of respondents who apperceive MTN chump helpline cardinal Responds| Frequency| Percentage| Yes| 92| 70. 77| No| 38| 29. 23| Total| 130| 100| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) Table 4. 4. 1 shows that majority (92), apery 70. 77% of respondents knew MTN chump helpline cardinal 38 apery 29. 23%. Fig 4. f assuming after-effects of respondents who apperceive the MTN chump helpline cardinal The table beneath depicts after-effects of respondents who were in one way or the alternative not annoyed with the casework of MTN chump helpline Table 4. 4. 2 Problems| No. of respondents| Percentage| Calls don’t go through | 67| 51. 53| Complaints/problems are not addressed| 97| 74. 61| Takes a best time for calls to be answered | 103| 79. 23| Other| 56| 43. 07| None of the above| 32| 24. 61| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) With account to 130 respondents, there were assorted answers with how they bidding their annoyance with the account of MTN chump helpline. 103 respondents chose “Takes a best time for calls to be answered”. This represents 79. 23%, followed by “Complains/problems are not addressed” with 97 (74. 61%), “Calls don’t go through” 67 apery 51. 3%, alternative 56 (43. 07%) and “none of the above” with 32 (24. 61%) respondents. Satisfied, actual annoyed and annoyed were additionally adopted to analyse the admeasurement to which barter were annoyed with MTN chump helpline Table 4. 4. 3 Akin of achievement with chump helpline Akin of satisfaction| Frequency| Percentage| Satisfied| 27| 20. 76| Actual satisfied| 11| 8. 46| Dissatisfied| 92| 70. 78| Total| 130| 100| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) Fig 4. g assuming after-effects of respondents with their akin of achievement with account to MTN chump helpline. The assay of the aloft after-effects indicates that majority of the respondents 92 (70. 78%) bidding their annoyance with the account of MTN chump helpline, 27 apery 20. 76% said they are annoyed with chump helpline and actual annoyed with 11 respondents basic 8. 46%. 4. 5 To ascertain the achievement akin of MTN internet/broadband account by its users Table 4. 5. 1 shows the after-effects of respondents who accept or do not accept MTN internet/broadband Responds| Frequency| Percentage| Yes| 12| 9. 23| No| 118| 90. 76| Total| 130| 100| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) During the research, 12 out of 130 respondents, basic 9. 23% were accepting or appliance MTN internet/broadband and the actual 118 respondents, apery 90. 76% were either not accepting or appliance MTN internet/broadband. Those who were not accepting or appliance the product/service gave the afterward I The MTN internet/broadband modem is big-ticket II MTN internet speed/connection in the association is slow/poor III Discouraging animadversion about the modem by its users. IV Scarcity in accepting one to acquirement V Don’t accept the computer to use it with. The twelve (12) respondents who were appliance the artefact or account were asked about their akin of achievement apropos the product/service. Table 4. 5. 2 Akin of achievement with MTN internet/broadband account Akin of satisfaction| Frequency| Percentage| Satisfied| 6| 50| Actual satisfied| 4| 33. 33| Dissatisfied| 2| 16. 67| Total| 12| 100| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) Out of the 12 respondents who were appliance the product/service 6 apery 50% were annoyed with affection of the account in the community, Four (4) chose for actual annoyed apery 33. 3% and with 2 apery 16. 67% advertence annoyed Fig 4. h assuming after-effects of MTN internet/broadband user with their akin of satisfaction. Respondents who were appliance the MTN internet/broadband account bidding their akin of achievement apropos the product/service. 6 out of the 12 respondents apery 50% showed they were actual annoyed with MTN internet/broadband, followed by 4 apery 33. 33% assuming they were annoyed and annoyed with 2 apery 16. 67%. 4. 6Overall Achievement Akin from Respondents Table 4. 6. All-embracing Satisfactory Akin from Respondents Satisfactory Level| Frequency| Percentage| Actual annoyed | 0| 0| Satisfied| 9| 6. 92| Neutral | 37| 28. 46| Annoyed | 78| 60| Actual dissatisfied| 6| 4. 62| Total| 130| 100| Source: Acreage assay (June, 2012) The aloft table indicates that majority (78 respondents out of 130 apery 60%) of the respondents bidding annoyance with the all-embracing MTN chump achievement with account to their product(s) and service(s) in t community. Fig 4. i assuming after-effects of all-embracing satisfactory akin of respondents. . 7 Affairs by MTN Ghana to advance chump achievement in rural areas of Upper West Region. * Widen their arrangement advantage from the across and across of the country which rural areas in Upper West is allotment of. * Advance the affection of their product(s) and service(s) to accommodated customers’ needs. * Continue to bear and accommodate bigger casework to their committed customers. * Perform alternative adorning activities through beneficiary Accumulated Amusing Albatross Foundation. CHAPTER FIVE 5. 0 SUMMARY, CONCLUSION, AND RECOMMENDATIONS 5. 1 Arbitrary and Aloft Findings The assay aloft allegation awning the four contemporary assay objectives. 5. 1. 1To acquisition out how MTN to MTN calls or MTN to alternative networks or alternative networks to MTN calls able in Tanina The assay appear that 58. 47% apery majoring of the sample admeasurement were not annoyed with calls from MTN to MTN assay situations like alarm drops, accent mutation, poor articulation arresting affection and calls not action through. The actual acknowledging 41. 53% gave no complaints about the arrangement as they were annoyed and actual annoyed with their service. During the assay it was appear that 98 out of 130 respondents apery 75. 39% were annoyed with calls from MTN to alternative bounded networks. This, they said is as a aftereffect of alarm drops, poor articulation signal. The actual 16. 15% and 8. 46% were “satisfied” and “very satisfied”, respectively. Finally, the assay appear that majority of the respondents 89 apery 68. 46% were annoyed with calls fabricated from alternative networks to MTN. This according to respondents is as a aftereffect of alarm drops, poor articulation signal. Four non MTN users additionally declared that they acquisition it difficult and sometimes absurd for their calls to go through aback aggravating to alarm MTN numbers. The charcoal 32 apery 24. 61% and 9 apery 6. 92% recorded “satisfied” and ”very satisfied” respectively. 5. 1. 2To ascertain what MTN product(s) or service(s) is/are best preferred. In the advance of the research, respondents best adopted MTN product(s) or service(s) was MTN Adaptable money with 31. 53%, followed by MTN Callback 28. 46%, MTN Pay4me 24.. 61%, MTN internet/broadband 12. 30%, MTN Me2u 3. 07% and MTN Across 0%. . 1. 3To appraise how acceptable MTN subscribers accept admission to their helpline (111) in Tanina. The assay indicates that majority of the respondents 92 (70. 78%) bidding their annoyance with the account of MTN chump helpline, with Annoyed 27 apery 20. 76% and actual annoyed with 11 respondents basic 8. 46%. 5. 1. 4To ascertain the akin of achievement of MTN internet/broadband account by its users. Respondents who were appliance the MTN internet/broadband account bidding their akin of achievement apropos the product/service. Six (6) out of the 12 respondents, apery 50% showed they were actual annoyed with MTN internet/broadband, followed by 4 apery 33. 33% assuming they were annoyed and annoyed with 2 apery 16. 67% 5. 2Conclusion It can be assured from the abstraction that majority of the respondents bidding their annoyance with the all-embracing MTN service. The basal affidavit accustomed by the respondents are: a Some of the respondents are of the appearance that, MTN articles and casework is expensive. b The arrangement in the association is ambiguous which causes; I Alarm drops II Poor articulation arresting III Accent alteration IV Calls not action through c Assorted MTN artefact and casework were alien to respondents d The casework provided by the chump helpline are unsatisfactory. The abstraction additionally begin out that the afterward with account to MTN account which are account mentioning: * The affection of MTN internet/broadband was satisfactory * The attributes of MTN Adaptable Money account was additionally satisfactory to those who acclimated it 5. 3Recommendations The assay has appear to achieve that MTN offers varieties of articles and casework to its admired customers. However, some of the articles still abide alien to majority of respondents. Amid these articles and account include; MTN video calling, MTN Blackberry, MTN Backup, MTN Play, Eselfcare and alarm administration casework like: alarm divert, alarm barring and, adumbrate number. * MTN should strengthen their advertising/publicity apparatus to actualize acquaintance about their articles to its subscribers in rural areas like Tanina. * Aback majority of the respondents were not annoyed with MTN artefact and service, the assay acclaim that MTN Ghana should advance the affection of their product(s) and service(s) in rural communities. MTN should cut bottomward the prices apropos their artefact and account to accomplish it affordable to rural bodies * MTN should advance aloft their chump helpline account to absorb barter aback majority bidding their annoyance about this service. * Upgrade and advance on their arrangement advantage in rural communities. * MTN Ghana Foundation as allotment of it Accumulated Amusing Albatross should extend it their accumulated albatross programs to rural communities like Tanina. * MTN should accomplish attainable the 3. 5G Arrangement to accredit fast and ceaseless internet affiliation in the community. UNIVERSITY FOR DEVELOPMENT STUDIES FACULTY OF INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT STUDIES DEPARTMENT OF AFRICAN AND GENERAL STUDIES (DAGS) DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION OPTION AN ASSESSMENT ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION WITH PRODUCT AND SERVICE DELIVERY OF MTN GHANA IN RURAL AREAS OF THE UPPER WEST REGION. (A CASE STUDY IN TANINA) QUESTIONNAIRE FOR RESPONDENTS Dear adaptable arrangement subscriber, we are acceptance of University for Development Studies, Wa Campus and this assay is advised to aggregate advice about how you feel about the account commitment of your adaptable arrangement in Tanina, Upper West Arena at atomic for the aftermost 12 months. Your responses will be advised as arcane and will be acclimated for alone bookish purposes, Thank you. Amuse beat [v] the adapted box for your answers. RESPONDENT’S IDENTIFICATION 1. Amuse what is your gender? [ ] macho [ ] changeable 2. Amuse baddest your age group. [ ] beneath 20 years [ ] 20 – 29 [ ] 30-39 [ ] 40 – 49 [ ] 50 and aloft 3. What is your occupation? [ ] civilian assistant [ ] apprentice [ ] businessman/woman [ ] other…………………….. 4. Baddest your accomplished bookish or able qualification? Select alone one [ ] WASSCE [ ] Technical/Post-secondary [ ] Diploma/HND [ ] Bachelor’s amount [ ] Post-graduate Diploma/Masters [ ] PhD [ ] Benighted CUSTOMER RESPONSE TO SERVICE DELIVERY 5. Are you a subscriber to a telecommunication network? [ ] Yes [ ] No 6. Which adaptable telecom network(s) do you use? [ ] Vodafone [ ] MTN [ ] Tigo [ ] Expresso [ ] Airtel [ ] Glo 7. Are you a multi-SIM agenda user (MTN and any other)? [ ] Yes [ ] No 8. If Yes, accord reason

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