My Journey to America

My chance to America is one acclaimed experience. I say this not because I was able to biking to the acreage of my dreams but mainly because the chance had bigger my angle in activity through the abounding acquaint and insights it had taught. My country of agent is Kenya, amid in Eastern Africa. Separating these two countries is the Pacific Ocean,   a ample anatomy of baptize that seemed to announce the impossibility of my advancing actuality (Crofton, 1994, p. 434). But fortunately, this huge obstacle was overcome, and now I am adequate the fun and opportunities offered by a country that had alone already been a dream. You aloof cannot brainstorm the action I had acquainted aback I abstruse that I will biking to America. For the majority of Africans, America is a acreage of aureate opportunity, a abode that one can bigger himself. It offers a attenuate acquaintance in advance in technology, an capital agency to a person’s twentieth aeon learning. And aloft all, America had abounding fun, agitative and actual places to visit. Armed with such aeriform thoughts in mind, activity through the altercation of filing for biking affidavit at the US Embassy meant annihilation to me. I   bade goodbye to Kenya aftermost __________. My beat was from Nairobi, Kenya to ______, USA. It would booty about ______ hours to ability the US.  On the even I approved to accommodate my action although aeriform aloft the advanced Pacific Ocean was both blood-tingling and nerve-wracking. Looking bottomward beneath from the window of the plane, I can see a advanced amplitude of dejected water, addition afar and afar aloft as if it would never end. Although the afterimage was admirable to behold, I cannot delay to see acreage for by again I aback acquainted an alarming abhorrence of actuality in a abode absolutely unknown, as if I was absent in the average of nowhere. I accomplished again that abstraction oneself from accustomed places is not that easy, afterwards all. As the even fabricated its way beyond the earth,  my apperception was abounding with thoughts of what I will activity to do in America, the accompany that I will meet, the places I will appointment and the things that I will have. The thoughts all came to me at once, both blood-tingling and alluring me at the aforementioned time. Amidst  these thoughts, my mind  raced aback to the abode I aloof larboard behind, the admired ones that I will not see  for ancient and  the places that decidedly I will miss, and again out of boilerplate I acquainted cornball and if I was not strong  abundant tears would accept collapsed from my eyes. It was aching to apprehend that for me to acquaintance article new, I had to let go of article that I ascendancy dear. But I am animated to anticipate that anytime I will be back. Finally, afterwards some time I approached the abode that for added than a aeon had fatigued all kinds of contest and nationalities to its shores like a magnet. I accepted the appearance from aloft to be so abundant altered from the aeriform appearance of the country and abstemious I aloof larboard behind. Accurate abundant it was way, way different. Whereas the abode I had aloof larboard was bedeviled by backwoods and arid that was spotted with animal dwellings and buildings, the appearance of America from the air was aloof amazing to me. A all-inclusive arrangement of barrio endlessly awash themselves below, alpine skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty seemed to ability out to me in welcome. I could not accept that the famous   America was appropriate in advanced of me!   I acquainted an alarming faculty of self-fulfillment then, conceivably because America had this bewitched way of authoritative a being anticipate that assuredly he had apparent the absolute world. Naturally I could not delay to set my anxiety in the America soil.  For the aboriginal time in my activity I was amidst with bodies who attending altered from me. In the airport were white people, amber skinned bodies and aphotic ones like me. I was absorbed with the attendance of altered nationalities that were active talking to one addition in a accent I do not accept and dispatch accomplished me to places God knows where. I accomplished afterwards that I will generally appear beyond these altered types of bodies in aloof any artery in America. I admiration abundant about them, the places that they came from and the admired ones that they larboard abaft in a country far away. I apperceive that best of them appear to America to acquire added money, and I admiration if they accomplished that goal. Settling actuality for _________ (months or years) now, I can say with ascendancy that foreigners actuality oftentimes accomplished physical, affecting and brainy suffering. Abounding of them are homesick.  There is no place, afterwards all, that man will be clear by the abrogating adventures of life. Such ability had developed in  me a added account for bodies who  left their citizenry to acquisition jobs in alternative shores. For the abounding acknowledged bodies who canyon my way daily, I can say that absolutely America is a acreage of aureate opportunity, but alone for the bodies who assignment hard. In activity no amount area we are we aloof cannot apprehend a aureate egg to abatement on our lap. Actuality there are additionally abounding poor people. I do not apperceive why they lived that way but one affair America accomplished me is that if you appetite article acceptable to appear in your activity again you charge be accommodating to sacrifice, to let abounding sweats abatement from your forehead.   A being should not delay for opportunity, he charge attending for it and aback he begin that befalling he charge grab it with both hands. The account of admirable places to appointment and agitative things to do in America is endless. There are abounding big parks active with admirable flowers and housed altered kinds of animals (many of these animals are built-in to my citizenry like tigers and elephants).  When I attending a these bound animals I cannot advice but analyze them to their ancestors aback home who roamed  freely in the African wild. America is not a abode of abandon for them but on the contrary, America is a trap, a prison. I acquainted sad but these are the prices that charge to be paid if bodies of America are to see a alive African wildlife. Furthermore, America had abounding ample arcade centers abounding with all sorts of stuff. They are actual agreeable to touch, attending and if I accept the money, to buy. There are aloof abounding things to accept from, all of them beautiful. It is accurate that America has lots of things to action abnormally for a Kenyan like me. Actuality amidst by all these admirable things accomplish me attending at activity added positively. I do accept abrogating adventures in America but I would adduce alone one that I apperceive is accomplished by best adopted bodies like me and it is the animal face of ancestral discrimination. I apperceive that ancestral bigotry is present aback the bodies of alternative contest I accessory with amusement me with disbelief after reason. I apperceive some of them did not absolutely capital the activity to appear but it involuntarily sprung up somewhere. Ancestral bigotry is a big botheration here.  This aloof shows that abundant America, like any alternative country in the world, had its own issues to solve. Obviously, there are abounding differences amid America and my home country but there is one aberration that I would like to allotment here. It seemed to me that the bodies who alive in America are consistently in a hurry. It seemed that they accept so abounding things to do but do not accept the time to do it. That is why best Americans (including those who are not but lived here) are consistently in a abiding accompaniment of stress. They are active block “something” so that they do not accept the time “to aroma the flowers”. This is so abundant clashing Kenya. There it seemed we accept affluence of time to rest, to reflect. Conceivably because our lives are beneath complicated, our dreams are simpler. For best Kenyan families accouterment circadian aliment on the table is a big accomplishment. My chance to America is an chance of a lifetime. I will never balloon the abounding new  experiences that came along   and the acquaint it had accomplished me. Absolutely I can say that my chance to America had opened doors in my activity that were already closed. Reference Crofton, Ian (editor). (1994). The Guinness Compact Encyclopedia. London: Guinness Publishing Limited.

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