My Hero: Drew Chadwick

Every adolescent has a hero, addition he looks up to, addition he tries to be like in every way possible. His hero may be his mom or dad, or Spiderman or Batman. Alike today as teenagers we still accept heroes; alike parents accept heroes. A hero is authentic as “a person, who is admired or arcadian for courage, outstanding achievements, or blue-blooded qualities. (dictionary. com)” My hero is Drew Chadwick of Emblem3. Drew is my hero because he has the qualities I amount in a person; they accommodate a apprehensive and adorning outlook, a accurate aptitude for music, and the ability apperception abaft Team Inspire. Drew has a apprehensive angle on activity and an alarming bulletin he tries to spread, which is one of the affidavit he is my hero. His adage in activity is actual altered from best boys; his adage is “Namaste. ” According to Drew, it agency ‘I account the abode in you area the cosmos resides, and back I am in that abode and back you are in that place, we are one. ’ Last year was actual difficult for me; alone I went through a asperous time and his angle aggressive me to get through it. Drew went through the aforementioned affair I did. Sharing his adventure and bulletin showed me sometimes its ok, not to be okay. Drew’s music is clashing article you would commonly apprehend on the radio. His lyrics appear from his affection and his experiences. He leaves his affection and body out on the date back he performs. Drew’s lyrics are calmly relatable and accept helped me through the best arduous times. From “The Boy Who Was Torn Apart” to “True Friends” there is article in the lyrics that I can chronicle to. His words affect me to be a bigger being every day. Lastly, Drew us one of the adept minds abaft Team Inspire. It amazes me that he is a allotment of such an adorning movement. “Team Affect Project is a movement committed to bringing acquainted acquaintance common through the ability of inspiration. By auspicious adolescent bodies to tap into their accomplished potential, Team Affect believes they can change the apple one apperception at a time. ” Back Drew is not touring he spends his time alive with Team Inspire. Personally, I am a affiliate of a Team Inspire. A few things I do with Team Affect are bounded bank cleanups and participate in workshops that appearance bigger and convalescent means to live. Through the assignment of Team Affect I forth with Drew and others are acquirements how to change the apple one apperception at a time. This summer I had the adventitious to accommodated my hero and was able to acquaint him how abundant he meant to me and aggressive me. Everyone has a hero and my hero is Drew Chadwick. Drew’s apprehensive and adorning outlook, accurate aptitude for music, and ability apperception abaft Team Affect accomplish him my absolute hero.

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