My favourite stuff

In my leisure time I enjoy having a long drink and a bowl of popcorn watching a nice film.  I do not favor any category of film.  I normally read a review of a film and see what evaluation it had been given by the reviewer.  Although I have some favorite actors, like for example Robert De Niro in the films ‘The Awakening’, ‘Sleepers’, and ‘Meet the Fockers’, Al Pacino in the films ‘Devils Advocate’, and ‘Carlito’s Way’, and George Clooney in the films ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ and ‘The Perfect Storm’.
A recent film that comes to my mind is Pursuit of Happyness.  It attracted me most for its comparisons to the daily routine.  In fact it is based on a true story of Chris Gardner.  To be sincere I do not really fancy so much the main actor of this film whom character is played by Will Smith, but he really has done his best to play such an excellent role.  While the boy in the film, who is also the real son of Will Smith manages to play an impeccable role in the film.  The story is about a salesman who is trying to sell medical scanners with no luck at all. While he possesses minimal money and the only breadwinner of the family is his wife, who is panic stricken on how to continue paying the house rents they have with insufficient income.
The last straw that broke the camels’ back was when ‘Chris’ told his wife that he was inclined for the profession of a stockbroker.  As a result, she left home and allowed Chris to take the full custody of his son. In such a stance, Chris had to study to attain the job as a stockbroker, while trying to provide shelter for his son.  This part of the film revels the great commitment that Chris Gardner had for his family and for the job that he was inspired to reach.

A story like this induces me to look at the bright sight of any situation and to be realistic in any condition in my life. Will Smith shows this entirely on how he keeps a smile on his face knowing the severe circumstances just to give hope and love for his son.  Knowing that these are real events from the daily routine of Chris Gardner, he managed to protect his son from the daily darkness, random misfortunes and homelessness.
Even though I am watching a film I try to get a good source of education or knowledge or loving depending on the film.  For example through ‘Last King of Scotland’ I noted the hardships that people in Uganda suffered during the reign of General Idi Amin.  The braveness and courage of William Wallace in the film ‘Braveheart’ provided me good historical insights of Scotland during that epoch.
Being a movie admirer I am always keen to watch a good film at the Cinema first.  I usually prefer a quite theater, with no disturbances from other spectators, which will hinder my attention on the film.  I also follow the Oscar Nominations and Awards thoroughly.  Indeed it is customary for me to watch all the movies in a cinema that were nominated to an Oscar.  I always try to match who will be the Best Actor, Director, Actress and Film before the award ceremony.
Internet Movie Database. The Pursuit of Happyness (on line). Available from: (Accessed 9th April 2007).

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My favourite stuff
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