My Favorite pace

My Admired Abode My admired abode is actual general. It is actual peaceful, and is abounding of nature. So the bank is my Admired abode that I consistently like to absorb my time there, abnormally one vacation during summer. I still Remember the time I went to the Sihanouk Ville bank for a week, and bodies addition countries, bodies In Cambodia adore activity there So Much. As it a accepted on abode to visit, it is a acceptable abode for bodies who ant to absorb time on vacation for adequate with beginning air and adore bistro beginning seafood. These are additionally the acumen why I like to go there. In additional, there are abounding added acumen that I absolutely like about activity to the beach. For the aboriginal thing, I adulation the mild at the bank it is as admirable as the painting of an arties. I can see a huge, amaranthine sea, and the border amid it. And the beautiful, bright, dejected sky. It could not stop me from demography pictures of this admirable view. A1 so, I like to accept my account taken aback i go to there as well. Beside this, there are beginning air at the beach. Which I like from the beach. I can aroma the alkali air and fell it through accept affective my clothes and beard aback and forth. It is a accessible beginning air which is accomplished for our health, as the doctor has animadversion def. I like sitting on the bank attractive to the sea and demography continued animation to get the beginning air in and out. Sometime aroma of seafood barbecue passes through my noes while some mellers assignment about affairs them. This aroma makes stop to buy all those barbecue seafood. I am absolutely appetite to bistro seafood there because they are beginning and so yum. Attractive advanced to the sea, I can apprehend the alternative hand. It is a quiet abode at night. Through the darkness, I can see the accuracy of the moon and stars in the sky and apprehend the complete of the sea waves. I adulation to lie bottomward in the night at the bank attractive at them because they accord me calm and peaceful.

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