My Conclusion

From my assignment assay I accept begin that I accept to architecture and accomplish either an Pod advancing station, buzz charging stand, low voltage ablaze or a radio and the called artefact charge be styled in eras from the aftermost 100 years. Also begin the altered architecture styles in the aftermost 1 00 years which is Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Bauhaus or Arts and Crafts. .From my assay on the check aftereffect accept begin that I will architecture and accomplish an Pod advancing base in the appearance of art deco fabricated of multi products. This is because that what my ambition user wants. From my assay on art deco, I begin out the appropriately administration appearance which are sunburst motifs, chevron patterns, and abstruse shapes, zigzagged and geometrical shapes From my artefact assay I accept begin out the altered blazon of articles and the amount of them and the breadth and I accept begin out and altered blazon of administration of art deco and this has accustomed me an abstraction on what to actualize Architecture Brief am activity to accomplish an pod advancing base and it's activity to be in the appearance of art deco and its activity to be aimed at over 14+ and so that it would be in the building allowance shop. Requirements for the applicant The Pod advancing base should be: It should be eye communicable It should be in a architecture of the aftermost 100 year era Requirements for the user It should be safe so that they don't abuse the user Fabricated from mufti-materials It should be deeply complete It should be in the architecture appearance of art deco which consists of geometric shapes, sunburst motifs, chevron patterns , abstruse shapes and etc It should be priced amid EYE-EYE Requirements for the artist and the accomplish The Pod advancing base should be.

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