My Behavior Essay

Behavior Article To Teacher: Shukrya Student Name: Nadeem M7md Grade: 10BB School: ISCS I am autograph this article for Mrs. Shukrya because I acted afield in her chic today. Mrs. Shukrya has discussed my misbehavior with me and I accept why I accept accustomed this antidotal assignment. I accept additionally been abreast that this article would be the abuse for any unacceptable behavior in Mrs. Shukrya’s class. The acumen Mrs. Shukrya does not abide misbehavior is because she cares about me and my success in school. It is important to her that I do able-bodied in my classes and acquire acceptable grades. It is additionally important to her that I apprentice abstraction skills, absolute assignment habits, and self-discipline. Abstemiousness is one of the best important things I can apprentice in school; with that accomplishment I can achieve abounding things. I charge to apprentice abstemiousness so I can act appropriately in chic and advance added against my goals. Acting silly, goofing off, crumbling admired chic time, and acting adolescent are all signs of aweless behavior – not alone against Mrs. Shukrya, but additionally against my classmates who are aggravating to get the best out of their education. Along with self-discipline, account for others is an acutely important affair to learn. I charge to apprehend that there is a time and abode for everything. There are times for fun and times for austere work. Mrs. Shukrya’s chic is a time for alive adamantine to accomplish acceptable grades and apprentice abstraction skills. There will be time for fun afterwards – afterwards academy and on the weekends – but in chic I charge to focus on my schoolwork. It may not assume important to me now, but it will be at some point, and Mrs. Shukrya knows this alike if I don’t yet. Acting the actual way in chic will appearance account to my abecedary and my classmates. It will additionally account me on abounding levels. I won’t accept to address this article again, I’ll apprentice added in class, I’ll get added appointment and belief done, and my grades will improve. However, if I accept to breach the rules again, I will accept to face the after-effects again. That is how activity works.

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