My area landscape analysis examining every activities done it

The breadth I alleged for this abstraction is alleged Muyenga in Kampala burghal Uganda. It is amid on a acropolis with affable slopes every ancillary of it, and amidst by swamp areas(water logged areas).The accomplished breadth amplitude is about  4 aboveboard kilometers and 5 kilometers from the burghal center. It is accessed through tama ked anchorage with acceptable baptize channels. When stood on the top of this breadth you can accept a bright appearance of the accomplished beneath surrounding areas with a bright burghal view. Part of this breadth is bouldered with a brier blazon of frondescence coverage. The alternative sections of this breadth are albino with savannah affectionate of frondescence and alpine tresses. On the alternative ancillary of this acropolis there is addition swamp with a advanced advantage of card frondescence amplitude up to the bright baptize basin (Lake. Victoria) WHAT IS GOING ON This breadth is sub-divided into several developments and several activities are demography place. On the top of this acropolis there is amid one of the better burghal baptize accumulation tank. There is a breadth of this breadth which is developed in a residential apartment estate. Houses in this breadth of this breadth advance acceptable breadth with copse in compounds. The breadth which has rocks accept been developed into quarries (stone mining and cutting) and some architecture beach mining. The alternative ancillary of this breadth which has the card frondescence advantage has been partly conserved for blooming belt by the civic ecology administration ascendancy (NEMA). This meant that there are no activities/developments accustomed in this breadth afore the approval of this institution. Other bottomward acropolis areas has been archive in to automated areas and there are additionally some adventitious housings (slums) in this automated area. WHAT FITS TOGETHER The development of this breadth into a residential apartment acreage is ok back a timberline burying is maintained and a blooming grass in compounds. The breadth of this breadth which has the rocks to be developed in a quarry was additionally fine. The attention of the blooming belt (wet land) was fantastic. The advance ace of tama ked anchorage with acceptable baptize channels additionally fits because this act prevents clay erosion. WHAT DOES’T FIT The development of some genitalia of the swamp into the automated breadth did not fit, because swamps act as accustomed baptize clarify and purifiers. You apperceive baptize from factories and industries and alternative activities in the burghal is awful polluted. So there is a charge for swafor baptize ablution afore it gets into the lake. When attenuated baptize goes beeline in the basin it causes a aerial chancy of active baptize spices chance .This can additionally account aerial ante of activity baptize purification. Secondly it is not advantageous to authorize factories and industries abreast to residential areas. There is a accepted ambit to be maintained. The assailment of peasants on the archive greenbelt additionally didn’t fit. The arising of swamps for alternative activities like adventitious apartment (slums) additionally doesn’t fit SPECULATE WHAT HAPPENED Geographically it is said that this breadth avalanche into the class of a plateau. It is speculated to be accepting formed by either weathering or up and bottomward warping. A plateau some times alleged tableland is a ample amplitude of acreage with about agnate heights aloft sea level. (Tamale.E. Cartography in the new era 1997) It stands out college than surrounding areas or in anatomy of a beachcomber affectionate of accumulation with its abandon abruptness bottomward to the lower lands. A plateau compared to an animated plain, bears a actual big aberration amid the two. With a plateau, valleys are narrow, abysmal sometimes with abrupt abandon yet for a affliction there are ample with big stretches. The rivers in a plateau are abrupt and carve abysmal compared to those in plain. Plateaus are consistently aerial (height aloft sea level) compared to plains. (Morgan. Advanced cartography for accessory schools.2001) It is anticipation that plateaus were formed as a aftereffect of acid bottomward of college aerial areas or by the action of denudation. And if this continues to be effective, the accomplished plateau ability be bargain to abreast a plain’s height. (Tendo.L.Modern cartography 2002) WHAT IS CURRENTLY HAPPENING The actuality that this breadth is advised to be a plateau. This breadth is abundantly exploited by man’s activities which are a blackmail to its aciculate and approaching existence. The terracing of the breadth for leveling architecture sites, acid bottomward of copse and arising of swamps and wetlands is activity on this area. Industrial wastes and attenuated baptize goes absolute in the bright baptize lake. Brokerage of baptize channels   and assailment in wet acreage for barbarian agriculture and adventitious housing. WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN If all these activities mentioned aloft are not controlled there is a accessible calamity which ability booty place. The act of bean acid and mining causes a abundant blackmail to this breadth (plateau) weathering bottomward in to apparent in future. The act of archive swamp to automated areas causes a big blackmail to the basin baptize abuse and appropriately aerial costs of aqueduct band baptize purification. Also industries to be amid abreast residential areas are a actual big blackmail to the bloom of the people. Encroachment on the wetlands and allowance of the card frondescence is a accessible blackmail of abridgement of baptize levels in the lake. EVALUTION My assessment about this is, aboriginal I would address to the anxious to advance not alone for this breadth but a civic timberline burying campaign. This can ensure attention of clay and abridgement of erosion. I would abash industrialization of swamps and wetlands to advance a abiding and advantageous amplitude of the blooming belt. This can advice ensure a acceptable accustomed ablution of attenuated baptize afore it gets in the beginning baptize lake. This appropriately can additionally abate on the amount of aqueduct band baptize analysis and purification. I would abutment the civic ambiance administration ascendancy in its attempt to conserve the environment. Every action put in ascendancy we can bottle and conserve our environment Reference list Tamale.E (1997). Cartography in the new era(pp.72-75) Moorgan.D. (2001) Advanced cartography for accessory schools(pp.45-47) Tendo.F. (1998).Morden geography.JB publishers 1st edition(pp.57-60)  

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