Musical Characteristics of the Renaissance

Medieval music focused on complication in harmony, rhythm, argument and orchestration. There was no apparatus abutment and accord and characters were in the developing stages. Music was both civil and sacred, although civil music hardly thrived due to the backward development of notation. Western music went duke in duke with Roman Church. The monks of the abbey composed the aboriginal addendum for music. Thus best of the accounting music emerged from aural the Church. Pope Gregory I took the action to assimilate the ancient music.  This is accepted as Gregory chants. Kyrie is an archetype for this. The music is articulate by abounding choir in accord after any instrument. This is additionally alleged a cappella and is monophonic. Accord began to booty anatomy amid the 11th and 13th century. The ancient accord is accepted as organum. The Doulz Viaire Gracieus is a polyphonic song of the articulate brand and a anchored anatomy by the French artisan Guillaume de Machaut. It is accepted as a rondeau and is accounting for three choir – a tenor, a triplem set adjoin the trenor and a cantus. Only the cantus has argument and the alternative two accept been instrumentally performed. Musical Characteristics of the Renaissance Renaissance music focused mainly on modality which began to abatement appear the end of this period. A ample cardinal of motets, madrigale spirituale and the laude took anatomy during this period. Civil music for one or abounding choir was broadly distributed. Music was composed in alone parts. There were hardly any array and barlines were not acclimated at all.  Several styles were composed. The styles depended on the ambience and geographic locations. The ascent humanism spirit portrayed a advance in civil and active composition. Best of the songs revolved about women, adulation and wine. Sweet nymph, appear to thy lover by Thomas Morely is an English civil madrigal that does not accomplish use of any instrument. It was appear in Canzonets to Two Choir in 1595. Giovanni Gabrieli was a artisan of aerial renaissance music and his assignment is characterized by contrasts of space, aerial and low choir and dynamics. He is able-bodied accepted for polychoral compositions and played a basic role in active music. One of his greatest compositions application instruments is Canzona Duodecimi Toni. Conclusion Music approach and characters owes its bearing to Middle Ages. New styles were continuously invented. The music of the Middle Ages has abundant access on the development of the avant-garde Western music. The changes during Renaissance accept additionally afflicted music to a abundant extent. References O’ Brien, J. P. (1995). The alert experience: Elements, forms, and styles in music (2nd ed.). New York: Schirmer. Wikepedia. Renaissance Music. Retrieved from Think Quest. Learning with the ability of Technology. Retrieved from Braindex. Medieval Music. Retrieved from  

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