Music Therapy for Health and Wellness

Lilia Grabenstein Professor Lambert Hartman GWRTC 103 11 October 2012 How Does Music Assay Affect Patient’s Bookish and Physiological Well-being? Abounding countries that you can biking to, accept their own appearance of music that makes up their culture, which is congenital into their lifestyles. Music was not abandoned created about the apple for enjoyment, but has been acclimated as a anatomy of comfort, a accent reliever, and a healer (“What Is Music Therapy? ”). According to the American Blight Society, in their Acquisition and Abutment Treatment section, music assay was developed in during Apple War II breadth it was acclimated in US Veteran Administration hospitals to amusement soldiers from adversity from carapace shock (“Music Therapy”). From a claimed experience, I feel that music eases my tension, helps me focus, and relates to how I am feeling. In accession to my claimed acquaintance and affiliation with music, I was analytical to see how music can be alike added therapeutic. I am absorbed about the profession of music assay as able-bodied as the furnishings that it has on patients and bodies with disabilities. For my research, I absitively to accept the question, “What aftereffect does music assay accept on assorted patients’ concrete and brainy wellbeing? ” I capital to appraise this catechism added intently, because I accept that music assay can accommodate affirmation for a new adjustment of healing for bodies that ache from illnesses including cancer, disease, and abasement as able-bodied as brainy disabilities like autism. As I started my research, I aboriginal capital to acquisition out what music assay was and what blazon of admirers it was aimed toward. The aboriginal ability that I begin to beacon me in the appropriate administration was the Music Assay Affiliation website breadth I read, “What is Music Therapy? ” This provided me with the basal analogue of music assay and how it aimed to advice their patients. Music Assay is authentic as, “the analytic and evidence-based use of music interventions to achieve abundant goals aural a ameliorative accord by a credentialed able who has completed an accustomed music assay affairs (“What is Music Therapy? ”). Here, I abstruse that the absolute website is geared against bodies who acquisition it difficult to accurate themselves and feel adequate by the music that the affairs is creating for them. For abounding years music assay has been developing and allowance to affluence the affliction of abounding patients alignment from assorted ages with illnesses and disorders. Specialized in this area, music therapists are “trained professionals who appraise the able-bodied actuality of the concrete health, communications, and functions of applicant needs” (“What Is Music Therapy? ). Some of their capital goals are to “promote wellness, allay affliction enhance memory, and advance concrete rehabilitation” (“What Is Music Therapy? ”). The website gives you the befalling to assurance up as a Music Therapist, appear conferences for the program, and provides abounding belief and quotes about claimed adventures with agreeable therapy. Although this website was benign to the alpha of my search, I knew I bare added to do added in abyss assay about my topic. I absitively to aggrandize on my antecedent affair so I searched the LEO Library Website on the JMU folio for added research. Here, I begin a book alleged Alternate Music Therapy, breadth Amelia Oldfield shares her acquaintance from traveling to a Adolescent Development Centermost breadth she conducted a abstraction the adorning accord on accouchement with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their parents. Since Oldfield specializes in belief accouchement with ASD, I knew she would accommodate affection advice for me to include. For eighteen to twenty-six weeks Oldfield advised ten accouchement and their parents by video analysis, semi-structured ancestor interviews, music assay reports, and Parenting Accent Index questionnaires. Afterwards hours of recording abstracts at the end of the study, nine out of ten parents acquainted the sessions accepted to accept a absolute appulse afterwards accommodating in the program. The accouchement resulted in added levels of engagement, advice levels, playfulness, and alternation with their parents. Parents PSI levels all lowered, but it was accurate that two pairs of parents PSI levels decreased dramatically. The video assay abstracts was not as absolute as the music report, which accepted to be added accessible in the abstraction (Oldfield 157-169). Afterwards account this excerpt, I acquired added acumen into compassionate how interactions, communication, and alike alleviation levels can access based on music assay treatments. At this point in my study, I knew that I had fabricated advance in researching he affair of music assay and how it added alternation of accouchement with ASD. I knew that I had to dig alike added if I capital to abutment my question. Oldfield’s abstraction seemed like accouchement with ASD were accretion their affiliation with their parents. I capital to apprentice alike added about how music assay could potentially advance autistic children’s acquirements methods. In my abutting source, Hayoung A. Lim shares a bend of accouchement with ASD in the classroom. In accession to my aftermost assay source, I absitively to go to the library to added my research. I took about six books off the shelf, and one that stood out to me was Adorning Speech-Language Training Through Music for Accouchement With Autism Spectrum Disorders, by Hayoung A. Lim, which provided me with accession aberration of a analysis on accouchement with Autism Spectrum Disorders. In a abstraction Lim shares, Carla Hoskins advised articulate and announced versions of three connected accent tests, which included a exact test, exact with pictures, and a articulate adaptation with guitar. This was acclimated to see if it would aftermath bigger concise memory. Through assorted tests with approved exact talk, music, and music with words, there was a cogent aberration in acquirements acquaintance of the accouchement in anniversary group. It appeared to be axiomatic that the tests with the exact music with pictures bigger concise memory, added communication, created added focus in the classroom. The after-effects of this assay was the account of amusement in accordance to the adjustment application music and pictures, which took abroad from the arid acquirements atmosphere compared to another methods (Lim 73-77). After account this excerpt, I came to the cessation that these tests and studies on accouchement with ASD and delayed accent development started to analyze the aboriginal allotment of my catechism about the advance of the bookish abundance of people. This advice gave me a clearer bend of how music and acquirements accumulated makes it added exciting, abnormally for accouchement to accretion ability about assertive subjects. Besides children, I capital to accept how music could additionally affect adults and teens. Another abundant commodity that I begin on the LexisNexis Academic database was about how music assay can be an “effective apparatus in acceptable the affection of activity amid blight survivors and bodies adversity from abiding illnesses” (Wee). May Wong Mei-lin begin the Hong Breast Blight Foundation afterwards she accomplished breast blight herself, breadth the Hong Kong Music Assay affairs had professionals accomplish for patients. A breast blight survivor that abounding Hong Kong Breast Blight Foundation, Pollina Ip Lai-chun, abutting a affairs alleged Melody-in-Mind afterwards experiencing abasement afterwards chemotherapy. She declared that singing aerial her alcohol and she feels that she has become “more cheerful” (Wee). In Wee’s article, she included the four types of action in a music assay session: assuming including singing or arena instruments, composing, improvising, and listening. In addition, Wee included some studies in her commodity like one that was conducted in 2009 by the University of Maryland Medical centermost that begin that, “Alzheimer’s patients who accustomed music assay accomplished lower levels of all-overs and depression”. She additionally apparent a abstraction from Drexel University by Joke Bradt provided that, “music can abate all-overs in blight patients, and may additionally accept absolute furnishings on mood, pain, and affection of life”. Lastly, accession abstraction included from Nature Neuroscience showed that alert to adopted music could account the academician to absolution a dopamine actinic that improves our moods. This advice created answers to my questions and alike broadcast on the ancillary furnishings music assay can accept on the brain. This absolute acknowledgment fabricated my assay action attending alike added promising. After abundant amounts of research, I kept award accessories that discussed the advance in bookish areas, but I was actual determined about acquirements if music assay absolutely could advice the physiological accompaniment of actuality for patients that had were in worse altitude of illness. If I could acquisition added advice about concrete improvement, I could acknowledgment my antecedent catechism confidently. In some cases, I accept heard that music can be a agency in abating sicknesses and diseases, so I was additionally analytical to see if this advice was factual. In my final day of research, a abstraction that I apprehend from the American Blight Affiliation alleged “Music Therapy”, included that in a analytic trial, agreeable assay provided for blight patients was accurate to abate affection like aerial claret pressure, affection rate, insomnia, and breath rate. This advice provides affirmation that music assay can advice our physiological state. While account this article, I begin the columnist included that music did advice concise affliction afterwards surgeries, but a key agency that I noticed was that he stated, “there were no aberration in adaptation rates” (“Music Therapy”). Soon afterwards I apprehend this, I accomplished that the adjustment of agreeable assay ability advice affecting abundance and abatement in levels like stress, but it would not absolutely cure a accommodating of a medical illness. Afterwards I searched through altered abstracts bases on the LEO Library, my eye bent assorted titles like “Music Assay Cures Stroke Patients” and “Music Assay Cures Blight Patients”. However, the accessories and excerpts I apprehend were actual abbreviate and did not accept absolute affirmation to abutment the claims. With that, I accept assured that Music Assay does not advice our physiological wellbeing as abundant as it helps our bookish wellbeing. Although I could not acquisition too abundant acknowledging affirmation about the concrete aid that music assay provides patients besides abbreviation things like affection rate, the aftermost commodity I stumbled aloft provided a new bend of eyes against my topic. Although I begin abounding commodity about abating illnesses, this adventure provided a altered aberration to my assay about the use of music assay in a auberge setting. The commodity “Music Assay Taken To Auberge Patients”, Sarah Pitts, a accomplished agreeable therapist, formed in a four-year agreeable assay affairs at the Auberge of West Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Pitts brought instruments like drums, which helped absolution astriction in accouchement that had bookish attached or able-bodied dystrophy. Pitts saw advance in patients who had affected acclamation and had another agnate impairments. She alike played music for a ancestors that requested actuality while the accommodating died peacefully. As Pitts artlessly played on her guitar and sang for patients, she was able advice abate all-overs in her patients and alike a few patients became able-bodied abundant to leave auberge (“Music Assay Taken To Auberge Patients”). This commodity did accommodate affirmation of concrete advance in affiliation to patients with concrete impairments, however, not abundant advice was provided that adumbrated affecting concrete improvement. Afterwards hours of assay spent in the library and online, I begin that the art of music assay provides a healing ability for bodies everywhere. Whether we are elderly, youth, or teenagers, we all can acquisition a abundance while alert to music. The ambition of music therapists is to accommodate an alternate atmosphere breadth patients can associate and physically watch a achievement wherever they may reside. In acknowledgment to my antecedent assay question, I accept assured that music assay is benign in assiduity the ability of accouchement with disabilities, blurred all-overs levels, abatement tension, and blurred affection rate, to name few. In addition, my assay provided that music assay abandoned doesn’t cure blight and illnesses. There is a achievability that it has convalescent patients, but abounding studies that I apprehend assured that the music abandoned eased concise pain. Overall, I accept begin that music assay has been accurate to access our bookish able-bodied actuality added than our concrete wellbeing. I would accept to conduct added assay about music assay and its adequacy of physically abating patients absolutely in adjustment to acknowledgment my assay catechism added accurately. Annotated Bibiographies Lim, Hayoung A. Lim. Adorning Speech-Language Training Through Music for Accouchement With Autism Spectrum Disorders. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2012. 73-77. Print. This book provides copious amounts of advice for parents that are analytical in acquirements about how they can advice their adolescent become added at affluence by application music therapy. In the affiliate I read, there was a analysis that was fabricated for accouchement that activated the abbreviate appellation anamnesis of accouchement with ASD which bigger afterwards testing with agreeable therapy. This commodity is important because it informs us about altered means autistic accouchement can enhance their development of intelligence with this altered approach. “Music Therapy”. Acquisition Abutment and Treatment. American Blight Society. 1 Nov. 2011. Web 10 Oct. 2012. The commodity from the American Blight affiliation website about music assay is geared against readers analytical about another methods of abating the affliction of blight patients. It talks about the allowances of attaining an all-embracing faculty of abundance that patients accept from music assay at the bedside in hospitals. This commodity is accessible in accouterment advice about the abounding concrete reliefs that music can advice to amusement assorted blight patients. “Music Assay Taken to Auberge Patients”. Auberge Management Advisor (2010): LexisNexis Academic. Web. 10 Oct. 2012. Accounting for readers who are absorbed in methods of healing during hospice, this account commodity provides how a music therapist bigger alcohol of patients in analytical conditions. This commodity shares how actuality allotment of alternate agreeable assay can advice patients in auberge to affluence their all-overs and advance their accord by alert to therapists like Sarah Pitts. This advice is admired because it promotes the development of both bookish and physiological wellbeing that can advance attitudes of bodies that are adversity from illness. Oldfield, Amelia. Alternate Music Therapy: A Absolute Approach. Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2006. 157-169. Print. In this alternate online book, Oldfield creates her focus against parents of accouchement with disabilities. Specifically, in one of her studies, she empiric interactions of parents and their accouchement who took abounding music assay tests and structured interviews. This affiliate in the book provided that music assay does accept an appulse on how accouchement with autism collaborate with their surroundings, accouterment that they were added accessible to self-expression, learning, and alternation while alert to music during the tests. Wee, Margaret. “Music Assay is Proving to be an Effective Apparatus in Acceptable the Affection of Activity Amid Blight Survivors and Bodies Adversity From Abiding Illnesses”. South China Morning Post (2011): LexisNexis Academic. Web. 10 Oct. 2012. This is a journalistic commodity that appearance a adventure accounting for readers who are analytical about cures for breast cancer. While music assay is not absolutely a cure for breast cancer, this commodity provides advice about how it acts as a acting healer for patients adversity from abasement and all-overs during chemotherapy. This is an important commodity because it provides admired advice that can advice advisers accretion added acumen about the healing music assay promotes. What Is Music Therapy? ” Music Assay Association. 2011. Web. 7 Oct. 2012. This website provides belief about assorted patient’s who accomplished the healing of music therapy. The website provides an befalling for music therapists to assurance up online and accompany for a acceptable cause. The website provides basal definitions and advice about what the affiliation is geared toward. From this there are abounding benign links about AMTA and how it is activated in places like schools, nursing homes, and hospitals.

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