music jazz class

Listening Appointment #2 (LA#2) The song: Satin Doll by Duke Ellington  (3:20) You can apprehend it on YouTube by clicking on the link: Or bang on the articulation below: Format:  One folio typewritten, double-spaced.  Please use a 12pt font. Please abode your name – LA# 2 – today’s date (on the high larboard duke bend of the paper).  Do not accommodate the name of the song anywhere in the attack or aloft the body of the paper. Example:  John or Mary Student – LA#2 – 3/15/18. Listening assignments are assessment papers.  You will point out several cold credibility in the music, i.e. tonal color, dynamics, texture, etc., call them, and afresh accord your abundant (subjective) opinions of them. Satin Doll consists of a piano led big band. Specific questions to acknowledgment and capacity to awning for Satin Doll: Which instruments do you apprehend during the addition at the absolute beginning? Is the all-embracing arrangement attenuate or blubbery during the intro? Why? Which instruments accumulate the basal bounce or exhausted of the song? Would you say the bounce or beating is slow, average or fast? What is the affection of the song? Do you like the mood?  Why or why not? The dynamics change in the song.  Describe why and area in the song. Name some of the instruments you anticipate actualize the tonal blush in the song?  What is the name of the apparatus that seems to get a lot of solos in the song? Would you accept to this song afresh afterwards commutual this assignment?  Why or why not? Please note:  Listening Assignments are not analysis papers.  Please do not accommodate any of the following: -  biographies of the musicians -  how acknowledged the musicians are or how abounding annal they sold -  a history of the song and/or the musicians -  any comparisons to any alternative song alike if it is by the aforementioned artist Final points: Please accept to the song several times and booty addendum during anniversary performance.  For example, accept already for texture, afresh afresh for dynamics, etc. Please accept your cardboard printed a day or so afore the due date so you will accept it back you appear to chic that day.  Early cardboard submissions are welcome.   Note: affidavit accept to be submitted in adamantine archetype (an absolute allotment of cardboard absolute print) to acquire credit!

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