Music 101 Critical Analysis/ final listening

MUS101-Critical Analysis Final Exam Listen to the agreeable alternative beneath actual anxiously and repeatedly.  As you listen, compose a four-paragraph analytical assay article about the piece.  Follow the instructions beneath for anniversary paragraph. You do not charge to animadversion on every aspect of music in the aboriginal paragraph. Find two or three elements that you can accomplish absolute comments on and address about them. For the additional paragraph, do your best to be as absolute as possible. You are not bound to application the agreement listed beneath anniversary branch prompt. if there are agreement you feel you appetite to use to call the music you hear, but they aren't listed, feel chargeless to accommodate them. Since you accept the adventitious to do this allotment of the appointment at home, and with no time limit, I accept aerial expectations. Paragraph 1:  Compose a branch discussing the osme of the academic elements of music and how you acquaintance them in the selection.  Some of the agreement and concepts you should accede are listed below             Rhythm          meter              tempo             melody             Consonance   dissonance     harmony        dynamics                    Form               mode              tonality           texture                       Medium          timbre                        cadences        phrasing Paragraph 2:  Compose a branch discussing the accessible brand or anatomy or average that you feel this alternative represents.  In your altercation be abiding to explain why you feel it is adumbrative of that brand or anatomy application able agreeable terminology.  Some agreement and concepts you should accede are listed below.             Binary             Ternary          Rondo             Sonata            -allegro           Electronic             Theme and Variation            Minuet & Trio                        Dodecaphonic             Troubadour Song                  Opera             Art song          Serial music             Plainchant      Madrigal         Motet              Symphony      String Quartet             Chamber music                     Concerto         solo Paragraph 3:  Compose a branch discussing which appearance aeon you acceptance the alternative to be adumbrative of and analyze a accessible artisan for the work.  Be abiding to adduce specific agreeable ancestry that are present aural the alternative and with which appearance aeon they are mostly frequently connected.  Stylistic conventions for anniversary appearance aeon are listed below. Middle Ages  (pg 56, 59, 68) Renaissance  (pg  72, 85) Baroque  (pg 90, 103, 113) Classical  (pg 117, 119, 121-123, 137) Romantic  (pg  165, 181, 209) Modern  (213-216, 256) Paragraph 4: Compose a branch discussing your claimed acknowledgment to the selection. This branch may accommodate some announcement of your opinion, but should not be bound to that. Use this branch as an befalling to appearance some things that you accept abstruse this division that may not be addressed by alternative areas of the analytical assay or exam. The Barber of Seville - Comic opera in two acts [first half] : La ran la re la... Largo al abettor (Figaro, Count) · James Levine/London Symphony Orchestra Rossini: The Barber of Seville - Comic opera in two acts

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