MUSI200 1000 word Paper

Choose two excerpts of a concert, one of a pop or bedrock concert from avant-garde times and one of a achievement of Baroque music. (This achievement would by call be a achievement of Baroque music performed in avant-garde times.) Each extract should be about 10 account in length.   After examination the concert excerpts, assemble a allegory of these two concerts. Did you adore the concerts? If so, why? If not, why not? How does the music alter amid the Baroque era and now? How is the music similar? How does the role of concerts alter amid the Baroque era and now? What types of bodies abounding concerts in the Baroque Era? Who attends concerts now? Why do bodies appear concerts? How do new technologies, such as agenda media and the internet, change the means we acquaintance music?   This cardboard should be 750-1000 words in length. This cardboard should be accounting in branch anatomy application complete sentences with a bright accession and conclusion. In accession to these elements, amuse be abiding to accomplish the Requirements for Writing Assignments (below), including commendation all sources (including the concerts) both in the anatomy of the argument and in a advertence page. Amuse agenda that MLA is the accepted commendation appearance in the humanities. It is not all-important to upload your called video clips with the acquiescence of your paper, about the links should be cited in the anatomy of the argument and in your advertence page. Concert Assets   Here are some assets to acquisition Baroque music concerts online or alive concerts in your area. Internet searches are addition way to acquisition alive Baroque music area you live.   YouTube   Gardner Museum   SymphonyCast from American Public Media   BBC Radio   WGBH Radio   Archival Recordings of the National Arts Centre Orchestra   Keeping Score, San Francisco Symphony   CONTENT     - Content applies to accountable matter.     - Demonstrates ability and apperception of above issues and concepts.     - Content reflects the use of analysis, synthesis, and comparison.     - Above credibility are declared acutely and are developed and accurate by specific details, examples, research, or analysis.   ORGANIZATION     - Response has an organized and analytic anatomy with an accession and conclusion.     - Smooth book and branch transitions.     - Sentences are complete, clear, and concise.   MECHANICS  - Any actual referenced is appropriately cited with citations in MLA format.     - For affidavit submitted as attachments, formatting should be double-spaced with margins no added than 1 inch. Amuse use 10 or 12 pt. fonts.     

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