This cine follows King George VI's adventure from a man clumsy to articulation his thoughts to addition who is able to affected his disability. I would like you to do a little analysis on King George VI to bigger accept the socio-political and actual ambience of the movie. 1. What affectionate of being was King George VI in absolute activity (not aloof the movie)? 2. What role did he comedy in history? Why was he important? 3. So far, do you anticipate the cine is absorption what your analysis has told you about his lives? 4. So far, what accept you noticed about the accentuation of the British and/or Australian characters against Americans actuality in the Midwest? Accept you noticed alternative differences in the way they talk? 5. In agreement of the ability portrayed here, what accept you empiric apropos ability distance? Do not use Wikipedia, and do not archetype your information. Use MLA citations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We will watch the additional allotment of the King's Accent and acknowledgment questions. Again, you accept bristles credibility for coming, and ten for answering the questions. We will activate watching this cine at 50:50. Please acknowledgment the afterward questions: Questions for ESL 105/SPE 101 Wednesday King’s Speech 1. Describe the accord amid the battle (King George VI and his wife) as you apperceive it from these aboriginal genitalia of the movie. 2. How has the accord amid the duke/King George VI and Lionel (the accent therapist) acquired from the alpha of the cine to the end of today, Wednesday? 3. The battle suffers from a falter or abashed condition. What are the furnishings of this action on his claimed life, on his self-esteem, and his self-efficacy? Accord examples from the movie. 4. Can you chronicle with the duke’s animosity back he speaks? Accept you anytime acquainted the fear, frustration, or acrimony he acutely exhibits? Explain. 5. Sometimes the characters do not acquaint their animosity acutely with anniversary other. Could you accord examples of this from the movie? 6. Was anyone’s accent difficult to understand? 7. Did the anathema words in the cine affront you? Why did George VI use them and do you anticipate this was all-important to the movie?

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