movie review

1.  Go to the LA times, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, or any acclaimed on- line cine analysis armpit and apprehend 1 – 2 cine reviews.  Using these reviews as an archetype and template/rubric, amuse move assimilate step  two and three. 2.  Watch a Cine of your best –   You should GO to the MOVIES! Choose a blur to watch that is a bright Narrative appearance blur with the absorption to  detail and filmmaking affection that we accept discussed in class. This blur should be  something you enjoy.    3. Address a Analysis for your film.  - Give us your assessment of the acting, storytelling and all-embracing assembly ethics in  the address that you apprehend alternative reviewers allegory the films that they watched. - How did you feel back you watched the film? Excited, tired, anxious  - Were you able to  willingly append your disbelief ? Why or why not?  - How did the contest of the ball and the goals and desires of the protagonist  effect you and your acquaintance with the blur emotionally, intellectually,  physically?  - Were you able to cantankerous into the apparent of Verisimilitude aural the film? Why or  why not?   - With the analysis that you researched as a template, address a 1-2 folio analysis for  your called film.  YOU ASSIGNMENT SHOULD BE 1-2 PAGES LONG DOUBLE SPACED. 

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