Movie review

  The case beat based on the movie" Who Killed the Electric Car  " The beat is to about 3 distinct pages continued and based on the architecture acclimated in the alone appointment (background/problem statement, analysis, recommendation, justification).  Questions to advice are acquaint as the appointment questions for Who Killed the Electric Car?   The questions ask you to assay the aggregation (GM) and industry.  Please anticipate of the bearings arch up to 2006 (the time of the movie).  The cine takes abode during about a decade afore that (1996-2006).  Do your best to assay what you accept is the cardinal affair at the time.  Then do the assay and recommendations based on that.  For the analysis, use the advice from the video if there is annihilation you accept accordant to those types of analyses.  If you accept the cine does not accord abundant information, you can generalize from what you accept you apperceive about the company/industry or you can attending for advice online.  You do not have to do alfresco analysis but you can if you desire.  If you are aggravating to assay the industry for Porter's Five Forces but do not accept the cine anon declared what you needed, you can try to infer the apparatus from your own accepted compassionate or abate apparatus from the movie.  

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