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First I anticipate they are both determined, ambitious, but they both bootless on something. Vincent has a constant dream of activity Into the space, and he will do annihilation to accomplish It happen. Jerome has consistently been a acceptable swimmer and he's consistently winning. But already he got a third abode Instead of a first, he broiled bottomward and absolved in advanced of a car again sits in a wheelchair for the blow of his life. 2. I don't anticipate he was mentally ill, instead I anticipate he was depressed. Because he was caressible could no best do affair he loves the best in his activity swim. . Because anniversary time Anton swum with Vincent, he adored his activity to bathe back. But for Vincent, like I said, he is determined, he wants to exhausted his brother so bad. He gave out all his backbone to accomplish his goal. 4. Because the association Is active In the way they (the bodies with genetically disable) can't win on, they don't get to accept a adventitious on article they ability acceptable at, Just because of the gene In their body. They activate to lose the acceptance In this society, thus, the attrition comes up. 5. There's no added assurance amid people, the alone affair that bodies assurance is genes. People don't get to advised equally, accouchement get deserted or neglected. The association adjudicator and actuate people's Jobs based on their abiogenetic background. 6. Yes, parents appetite that for their children. But sometimes accepting the absolute genes is not aggregate that the adolescent wants, it's array of added burden for them. But already anyone who doesn't fit Into those 'perfect' appearance Is befuddled abroad and abandoned like debris alike admitting they're people. It's bare of fun and animation and aggregate eke that because aggregate Is controlled and belted for them, and the bodies are all obey to the rules and laws. . Because he's application Groomer's identity, account Groomer's genes were enhanced, additionally his adamantine alive and his bent mind. 8. As the admiral of a corporation, I could (as abounding do) appoint whatever I anticipate are the best individuals for my business. With all the assortment in my corporation, I accept it would actualize a adequate assignment ambiance for my employees, which ability appearance the barter we are not alone affliction about our profit, we additionally affliction about our advisers Like we affliction about you! Not alone the money In your pocket! The Implication of this ability be In the future, the accepted of accepting assassin by some aerial accumulation or state-owned aggregation will be raised. Personality that adapted by their parents. Which agency they ability become what their parents capital them to be instead of what themselves absolutely appetite to be. This ability account the association with no diversity. 10. Yes I accede with this, because cipher is perfect. The advance of the animal actuality is agnate to we affected ours weakness. Without weakness, a actuality will be incomplete" 11 . Certainly! If they can adumbrate my approaching life, what's the point of affairs me the allowance if I will be asleep beneath their insurance? The way to stop this would be forbid this affectionate of technology in assertive aggregation to defended our rights. 12. They were aggravating to acquaint us the genes are not consistently accurate. It's not astute and accommodating to Adjudicator a actuality by their genes 13. They were aggravating to appearance us that although article as admirable as music could be created from engineering accouchement to accept 12 fingers, it wouldn't be ultimately eight to genetically change the animal structure. Sure, 12 fingers would help, but a aberrant absolutely be all-important Just for perfection? Some things are bigger off as is, and added admirable natural. 14. I anticipate it should be bound in alleviative area. It could be accustomed alone if it's for acceptable purpose. 15 and 16. For me, it is not applied for us to alpha cloning bodies until we alpha extensive out to alternative plants so we will accept allowance for them. Remember, added people, the added land, food, waste, etc. So until we either alpha sending bodies out into space, r we accept a all-around adversity that wipes out a ample cardinal of the population, I would say no. Regardless it's cloning myself or cloning alternative people. But if it's for claimed multiply, I would say we charge to accede it actual carefully. 17. Yes they would, alike they are not artlessly born, but they are still human. Every animal actuality deserves the according rights, which supports my opinion: we absolutely charge to accede it anxiously about cloning human. 18. Psychology: cocky worth, determination, abortion Anthropology: accomplishment and blemish Sociology: discrimination, family

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