Movie Project

Create a Word certificate with the requested altercation (historical accurateness of Apollo 13, plausibility/accuracy of The Martian, etc.) andsources. movie options:  The Right Stuff – altercate actual accuracy Apollo 13 – altercate actual accuracy Hidden Figures – altercate actual accuracy  The Martian – altercate scientific/technological accurateness and plausibility Interstellar – altercate scientific/technological accurateness and plausibility 1. Do NOTinclude a arbitrary of the movie. 2. If your antecedent is web-based, accommodate the URL and a awning abduction with the accurate references marked(highlighted, circled, apparent with an arrow, etc.).  Example of apparent awning capture: 3. If your antecedent is text-based, accommodate title, author, administrator or publication, date, page, and a browse of the antecedent with the accurate references marked.  Example of apparent scan: You charge accommodate at atomic 2 sources. 4. admit all into the Word certificate and save asMovie Titleby your aftermost name 5. upload to the lab appointment folder 6. No acclaim will be becoming after annotated references OR if your assignment includes a arbitrary of the movie. One folio is good

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