movie log.

This My Movie Log account is based on our chic screening of Big, our altercation of "MIse-en-scène", and this week's advance reading.  You should complete these afore arrest this Journal.  Your journal should accommodate the afterward two parts: Part One:  Mise-en-scene includes Architecture and Composition.  In your words, briefly call these two terms.  Also, what are the specific elements of architecture explored in your account (see "Design" in Chapter 5)? (you can accord a account of these elements)  (target 150 words) Part Two:  Focus on one stand-out moment/scene in Big. Analyze your stand-out moment based on the use of design.  In what means does the mise-en-scène (specifically one aspect of design) accompaniment the achievement appearance and narrative?   For this abrupt assay focus on one element of architecture that stands out to you (see “Design” in Chapter 5).  Using specific examples from your stand-out moment/scene, in what means does that aspect of architecture accompaniment the achievement and narrative?  Although Lighting is additionally a architecture element, amuse do not use lighting for this analysis.  (target 150 words) movie link:

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