Movie Analysis on Cashback

SM1008 Art of Moving Angel Cashback Director: Sean Ellis Actors: Sean Biggerstaff (Ben Willis, an art student), Emila Fox (Sharon, a checkout babe in the supermarket), Shaun Evans (Sean, best acquaintance of Ben), Michelle Ryan (Suzy, the ex-girlfriend of Ben) Genre: Comedy, Brawl and Romance Release Date: 31 May 2007 Addition Accept you anytime anticipate about freezing the time? What will you do in the added time if you ache from insomnia? These are the bearings that Ben Willis in. In Cashback, time is a actual important element. Therefore, I will address about (1) the acceleration of motion in the cinematography. Also, a annotation of Ben is appeared throughout the accomplished movie. I will address about (2) the narrator and (3) abettor of the anecdotal form. Finally, I would like to address about (4) the music in some specific scenes. Storyline Back Ben goes through a aching alienation with Suzy, he develops insomnia. To annihilate time, he starts alive the backward night about-face at the supermarket. There he meets a bright casting of characters, all of whom accept their own ‘art’ to accord with the apathy of eight-hour shift. Ben’s art is that apperception the time is frozen. He can acknowledge the adorableness of the arctic apple and the eople, abnormally Sharon, who may authority the acknowledgment for Ben. (1) Acceleration of motion In Cashback, ample bulk of scenes change the acceleration of motion, including apathetic motion and the acute case, time lapse. According to Bordwell and Thompson (p. 172), there are two functions of application apathetic motion that are actuality acclimated in Cashback, (i) emphasis, acceptable a way of abode on a moment of comedy or aerial brawl and (ii) accomplishments booty abode in dream or fantasy or to back astronomic power. I anticipate there is additionally (iii) alternative acumen of application the apathetic motion in this film. (i) Emphasis, a moment of comedy or aerial brawl a)In the football bout scene, the aggregation of Ben is falling abaft afterwards any score. They altercate about the activity and they accept assurance to account one point. The accomplished activity of Ben authoritative the football and his bang-up cutting the ambition is in apathetic motion. It emphasizes the assurance of the accomplished team. Afterwards the abortion of cutting the goal, you can see the brawl aerial over the bang-up boring and the black facial announcement of the boss. It gives a moment of aerial drama. Then, the acceleration of motion becomes normal. Ben’s bang-up is aching by the football, which is cutting by the assistant nd brings the bout to the end. (b) In the kissing scene, Ben is additional time kissed by Sharon. The kiss breach the spell. Ben can assuredly abatement in comatose afterwards the kiss. It is an important arena so it changes the accustomed acceleration to apathetic motion in adjustment to accent the accent back Ben is suffered from indisposition and the affliction of breach up for a few months. (ii) In dream or fantasy or to back astronomic ability (a) Ben and Sean go to acquisition the stripper for the achievement in the boss’s altogether party. Ben imagines that Sharon has a band dancing for him back the stripper is praising the affection of nother stripper. The absurd strip-dancing arena is in apathetic motion because it is alone a fantasy in Ben’s mind. (b) At the aperture scene, Suzy is arguing with Ben afterwards he suggests breaking up. The annotation of Ben said that it is aboriginal absolute breach up in advanced of him and he never anticipation it was activity to be agnate to a car crush. Although it is Ben’s suggestion, the annotation confesses this is a abundant appulse to Ben. Therefore, it uses apathetic motion. The aforementioned affair is done afresh in the arguing arena amid Sharon and Ben. (c) Afterwards the breach up, the angel of Suzy consistently appears in Ben’s mind. He consistently thinks of the time actuality with Suzy. All these memories afresh arise in apathetic motion, as it is a abundant accord and the acumen of Ben’s insomnia. He cannot balloon these blessed memories. (d) In Cashback, a lot of adventures of Ben in adolescence is alien to the audience. One of them is the aboriginal time of seeing a nude woman body(a Swedish apprentice lived in his house), which is an absorbing anamnesis to Ben. Apathetic motion is acclimated back the Swedish babe walking upstairs. Because of this experience, Ben knows the adorableness of women’s anatomy and believes it is the best eautiful affair in the world. This may be the acumen why he brand to draw account of nude women. According to Bordwell and Thompson (p. 173), time-lapse cinematography shows us some accustomed abnormality or artery scenes (that abide in a continued aeon of time) in a additional or a minute. Time-lapse cinematography is acclimated a lot in Cashback. It gives a faculty of time flies in a active burghal from day to night. Although time is anesthetized abroad so quick, in Ben’s eye, canicule abrasion on like years. Like the still of larboard duke corner, the surveillance camera shows that alone Ben stands still in the iddle and abounding barter are casual by in a time-lapse cinematography. The bucking amid them shows that the activity of Ben added obviously. (2) The narrator According to Bordwell and Thompson (p. 100), account can use a narrator, some specific abettor who purports to be cogent us the story. The narrator can be a appearance in the story. In Cashback, Ben Willis is the narrator throughout the accomplished film. His account accouterment amid belted and complete ability and capricious degrees of objectivity and subjectivity. A allotment of Ben’s account is talking about him and the contest that he involves. It is awful subjective. Back he is accepting the arguments with Sharon and Suzy respectively, the articulation of them is aerial but alone Ben’s annotation is adage the animosity of him. It shows his close apple to the audiences. In the arena of the aboriginal day alive in the supermarket, Ben’s articulation over is adage article that is assuming his appearance traits, he knows and brand celebratory the adorableness of still object. Also, there are several scenes that Ben is confessing his adolescence as a narrator. These all are actual claimed and subjective. It is the point of appearance of Ben. The account is not alone contest about Ben himself, but additionally about the adolescence and adulation belief of Sean, which are the contest that Ben did not witness. Ben’s account gives a advanced ambit of advice to the audiences. It becomes an important allotment of the anecdotal anatomy in Cashback. (3) Abettor In Cashback, Ben Willis is the appearance that mainly encounters all the cause-and-effect. Basically, all the contest are from Ben’s point of view. He is a actual affected art student. He has the altered adjustment to accord with the added time during the aeon of adversity from insomnia. He imagines the time is frozen. As he is bedeviled with the adorableness of women, he can draw pictures with naked women’s anatomy in the arctic world. Because he can acknowledge altered women in the arctic world, he finds out Sharon is the best admirable one amid them. Her eyes, anemic alabaster bark and aerial anatomy allure him. He assuredly avalanche in adulation with Sharon. He draws her over and over. This is a account of an important accident afterwards. He argues with Sharon because she saw his ex- adherent kissing him in the party. Later, he has an befalling to accomplish his dream (has his own rt exhibition) because of a antic by his colleagues. He shows all the pieces of Sharon in the exhibition and allure Sharon to see. Assuredly Sharon forgives him because of all these drawings. (4) Ability of music in the cine Music is an important aspect in a movie. It can strengthen the affection or atmosphere of some accurate scene. In Cashback, a soundtrack alleged Casta Diva is acclimated twice. It is from an opera, Noma. It is acclimated in both scenes of Ben arguing with Sharon and Suzy. The articulation of the protagonists are aerial and Casta Diva is played as a accomplishments music. The billow of this soundtrack raises the agitated affection in the argument. It is bigger than alone assuming the agreeable of the altercation because what they are arguing is not important anymore. The accent is assuming the similarities amid two altercation and animosity of Ben because Ben’s account declared that it seems to accept met before. The football bout arena that I mentioned afore additionally uses a accomplishments music to accession the mood. The music gives the acute activity to that scene, as it is a absolute moment that actuate they can breach their aught record. Combining the apathetic motion and the music, the affection is added to the climax, so that the audiences can acquaintance the affect of the appearance central the football match. The addition of a character, Barry Brickman, uses a classical music, Bolero. It is ballet music composed by Ravel. It is music with active accent and adroit melody. Barry is benumbed on his scooter and shuttling amid the shelves in supermarket. I anticipate it can appearance the appearance ancestry of Barry. He is a agile and funny being who brand benumbed scooter a lot. He thinks that he is a actual accomplished stuntman. This affection is acutely apparent in the alternative scenes afterwards. It is additionally an important affection to the causality. It is because he tries to do a achievement in the boss’s altogether party. He rides on a cardboard box to accelerate bottomward the staircase. This activity let Sharon see the kissing arena amid Ben and Suzy. It drives her mad and ignores Ben. Therefore, it contributes to the causality. Conclusion Cashback is a actual appropriate cine to me. I accept not apparent a cine application so abundant techniques of alteration the acceleration of the scenes. It makes me accept the action of apathetic motion and time- alcove abundant clearer. I anticipate it can be an archetype to allocution about the acceleration of motion. On the alternative hand, the narrator and the music accord to the blur a lot too. It helps us to accept added about the adventure and additionally accommodate advice to us. Word Count: 1668 Cited Work Bordwell & Thompson <<Film Art>>, 9th Edition Cashback (2006) Plot Summary http://www. imdb. com/title/tt0460740/plotsummary Cashback (2006) Sountrack http://www. imdb. com/title/tt0460740/soundtrack Bolero – Wikipedia, the chargeless album http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Bolero

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