Motives for American Colonization

The "discovery" of the New World by Christopher Columbus led to a new affiliate in history that no one at the time could accept anticipated. For abounding Europeans, it offered a bigger activity than the one they were living, which led to the colonization of the Americas. Motives that fueled European colonization were that the New World offered religious freedom, a beginning alpha for those who were bankrupt and in debt, and bigger opportunities to access ample amounts of acreage and wealth. The Protestant Reformation in the 16th aeon led to battle amid Catholics and Protestants who approved to ameliorate the Catholic Church. At the alpha of the 17th century, Puritan Separatists became accountable of harassment, which fabricated abounding abscond to the New World area they could authorize Separatist communities abroad from any persecution. Christian missionaries additionally went to the Americas in chase of new converts. They saw the aboriginal bodies of the New World as aboriginal and uneducated, demography it into their own and authoritative it their assignment to accompany them into the Christian faith. Another motive for European colonization of the Americas was for a beginning alpha in a new land. England in the 17th aeon had little job befalling and low wages, abrogation abounding adolescent men adorable for work. Those who autonomous to go to the New World were accustomed a adventitious to bright their debts forth with a adventitious at activity in the colonies, in barter for a set bulk of activity as an attached servant. These bodies were promised their abandon , baby genitalia of land, accoutrement to farm, and clothes already their time as attached agents was up. To the bags of jobless, bachelors in England, this was an action to candied to resist. Abounding alternative Europeans in chase of bread-and-butter befalling fabricated the continued cruise to the Americas, not to become attached agents artifice their debts, but rather to accomplish their fortunes in the abundant soils of the colonies. This was abnormally accurate in the Caribbean, and in the southern arena of the English colonies, area amoroso and tobacco could be developed in abundance. These were bolt that went into aerial appeal in Europe, authoritative acreage owners fabulously wealthy. Those who had the best money additionally captivated the best access in backroom about the colonies. With this in mind, forth with the almost low prices to access all-inclusive amounts of land, average and aloof Europeans akin begin the New World to be actual attractive. There were abounding altered motives for Europeans to leave their lives abaft and appear to the America. One of these was the affiance of religious freedom, actuality able to convenance a acceptance and authorize religious communities after abhorrence of persecution, or to seek coverts to the Christian faith. Alternative motives were for bread-and-butter opportunity, whether it was to alpha over in the New World after debt, or to authorize oneself as a acknowledged acreage owner. These and endless alternative affidavit collection bags of European men and women to the Americas.

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