Motivation behind studying a marketing masters degree

This article describes about the factors that motivated me to do my masters in business and additionally why I accept Bangor University. Since childhood, assorted aspects of the business apple absorbed me but the best arresting of them all is marketing. Here, the primary acumen for which I capital to accompany MBA in business from Bangor University; I durably accept that I will be benefiting in my able as able-bodied as my claimed life. I am actively absorbed in acceptable my ability added aloft my home country, appropriately I begin Bangor Business Academy is an accomplished abode to hone my able abilities and thereby accept a ablaze future. My access to acquirements is aforementioned as that of the Sensor Dispatch Access (Laird, 1985). Larid appropriate that majority of the acquirements is done by observing, which is about 75% and I accede with him. The issues that ahead in a accumulation appointment can be of abounding reasons; I alone faced abounding accumulation appointment problems for the aftermost two years back I was alive at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), India. The problems which I faced while alive at BPCL in accumulation appointment are abridgement of altercation about the activity appointment and claimed ego problems with the aggregation members. Rectification could be done back all the accumulation associates accommodated generally and altercate their corresponding problems or a able accommodation from the administration ancillary will additionally works for the problems faced in groups.

What motivated me to abstraction my Master’s amount at Bangor

According to Meahr & Mwyer (1997) “Motivation is a abstract assemble acclimated to explain the initiation, direction, intensity, persistence, and amore of behaviour, abnormally goal-directed behaviour”. The access that motivated me to abstraction my masters is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Access (Abraham Maslow, 1943).The access is basically a classical analogue about the animal motivation. Maslow Access is explained on the base of bristles needs of a animal being. The basal bristles needs are as follows,

1. Physiological needs.

2. Assurance needs.

3. Amusing needs.

4. Admire needs.

5. Self-actualization needs.

Physiological needs can be authentic as the basal needs such as air, food, water, accouterment and apartment or it can be authentic as the basal requirements of a animal being, afterwards the basal needs none can survive in the universe. Emotional, concrete and ecology assurance comes beneath the assurance needs. In detail the assurance needs can be of aegis from jobs, family, bloom etc. Actuality a bitter body the abutment from the activity partner, parents, aeon etc. is pertinent and this accepted as amusing charge for a animal being. It may additionally accommodate the affliction and amore also. One can accomplish his/her goals in activity alone with the abutment from ancestors and friends. Internal and alien admire needs are the arch needs for any animal being. Internal admire needs agency the charge that is developed central the person, which could be self-respect, confidence, abandon etc. Some bodies are awful assured about the aisle area they are traveling and they will be absolutely accomplishing their goals afterwards any obstacles. Alien admire needs comprises of power, cachet etc. Bodies in the association are awful acquainted about the cachet and the ability that they are captivation in the association and this motivates them to accomplish their goals. Finally comes the self-actualization needs, self-actualization can be authentic as the admiration for self-fulfilment. Self-actualization agency the able admiration to accomplish our goals by barometer our capabilities. It additionally helps to accretion added ability and accomplish the activity added creative. Back we abound psychologically the opportunities additionally abound continuously. The aftermost agency of Maslow’s access that is self-actualization afflicted me a lot, from my academy akin itself I was actual abundant absorbed in the business area and I came to this field. Afterwards account this access during my graduation canicule my ambition to booty the masters increased. I can hopefully say that this access motivated me a lot to booty my masters.

After my graduation in Automated Engineering I had been alive in Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, India. At that time my apperception consistently cerebration about the masters and I started blockage for acceptable universities and I begin Bangor would be the best best for me to booty the masters and to accomplish my goal. Back I was activity through the university website abounding things admiring and it begin to be absorbing as well. The capital affair is it is one of the oldest and acclaimed institutions in UK. It had an all-embracing acquaintance of added than 120 years in teaching with the all-embracing acceptance and back I looked the baronial blueprint I begin Bangor University is accepting a acceptable rank. Abounding of my accompany told me Bangor Business Academy is the best best to booty your masters. The another important affair about this abode is the amount of living; it is actual low back we are comparing with another universities and cities. The university is accepting a advanced ambit of library and IT resources. Bangor is additionally accepting a able analysis addition and I like to do my analysis in business area actuality itself. Bangor is additionally accepting a acceptable job area which will advice the acceptance to get their allotment time job easily. Abounding career workshops are conducted by the university, by this we will be accepting abetment in authoritative a chic vitae, how to appear an bent analysis and adequacy about interviews. Added over Bangor is accepting a admirable bounded anatomy and the burghal is quiet and chargeless from the babble pollution. All these factors fabricated me to booty my masters in business from Bangor.


Learning can be authentic as the abiding change in one’s behaviour or abeyant from a absolute or aberrant experience. My access to acquirements is about like the Traditional acoustic dispatch access (Larid, 1985) which explains that the acquirements comes to the best akin back the senses are stimulated. Larid’s access mainly focus on the bristles basal acoustic motion of a animal being, which tells us that in majority of the adults which is about 75% acquirements is through seeing. Audition comes abutting with alone 13%, and the blow three senses such as blow aroma and aftertaste comprises alone 12%. If a actuality is accepting a acceptable assorted senses, he can be a acceptable learner. According to Burn’s “The concepts of individuals accept altered needs and apropos at altered times, and that they accept abstract interpretations in altered contexts”. From my claimed acquaintance I can armpit out that the access is a actual acceptable access to learning. I had done my graduation in automated engineering and at that time we had to abstraction a lot about the alive of big machineries like lathe, cutting machine, accepted testing apparatus etc. At the time of address in chic about the alive assumption of machines we are not absolutely digested about the working, but back we go to the lab and see the alive of these machines we are absolutely assertive about the working. This is the aforementioned case back we are belief about the alive assumption of auto engines. From my adolescence I adopt to see altar rather than audition about it. I had some another approaches additionally appear my acquirements which is accepted as access for accelerated learning. It consists of four capital objectives, they are



Track progress.

Do it for life.

(Source: – accelerated acquirements

The aboriginal affair that should be in one’s apperception back he/she starts their acquirements is ambition and objectives which can be alleged as target. Authoritative the ambition is the aboriginal footfall appear our goal, from this moment one can set their administration appear our goal. Ambition can be disconnected into three factors. The aboriginal agency is one should acquisition and analyse the acumen why he/she set this goal. The additional aspect is one had to analyze their goal, which agency one charge accept a acceptable abstraction about the ambition and additionally about the activity afterwards accomplishing the goal. The third agency is one charge accept bright cut ability about the objectives which he/she had to complete on the way to goal. Planning has a abundant accent in learning. Afterwards ambience the ambition one charge adapt a beforehand map, in this they had to plan their abstraction time, time for accomplishing their assignment, account accessories additionally time for entertainment. If there is no ball a actuality can be attenuated minded. For all this a acceptable planning charge be there. Usually from my adolescence itself I had a acceptable planning about my studies and this helped me a lot to ability my ambition and that helped me added back I was alive in architecture field. In architecture acreage planning has a abundant amount and there we had to plan the appointment for the advancing two or three weeks in advance. If one’s planning fails aggregation had to ache a lot. Afterwards planning about the studies he/she should abatement in band with the studies. During this action one can abeyance occasionally and analysis whether we are affective in appropriate clue or not. If he/she is activity in the amiss administration of their ambition they had to amend their planning and the actual it. I usually chase this way on my studies because by this I can account how far my ambition is and how abundant ambit I had awning on my way to the target. The final agency is ‘Do it for life’, agency afterwards extensive the ambition one charge accomplish some time to adore what they had achieved. So back one is application their knowledge, again they can reinforce their self-image which will accord them a abundant faculty of satisfaction.


While alive with an alone or a accumulation of bodies can change one’s attitudes and behaviour which is termed as amusing influence. Back we are alive in a accumulation abounding problems can appear into play. It will affect the bland alive of an organisation. So back we are starting a accumulation appointment we charge be acquainted of the issues that can appear in a accumulation and we charge be accessible to break the issues. The issues in a accumulation appointment can be as follows

Problems due to poor planning.

Less ascendancy on the process.

No new account or advice on discussion.

Lack of altercation about the ideas.

Unable to complete the appointment on time.

Poor accord by the accumulation members.

Frustration amid the associates in the group.

Playing a ascendancy role by a aggregation member.

Being of the target.

Communication problem.

(Source: – Berk and Lintem

Planning plays a cardinal role in a accumulation appointment while accomplishing a project. If one is not accepting a able planning again he/she will not able to run the activity smoothly. Back I was alive in a automated close we gave added accent to planning administration because there we are application abundant cranes for the adjustment of accessories for a aerial book and if the planning fails aggregate is gone. So back we are starting annihilation we charge plan it actual well. Not at all for job, back one is accomplishing a accumulation appointment during their studies additionally a acceptable planning charge be there. Back one is accomplishing a accumulation appointment a actuality charge be there to arch the aggregation and advance the accumulation associates in the appropriate direction. Otherwise every accumulation associates will be in abashing about the affairs and this may account abounding problems. If the accumulation associates are accepting no new account or advice about the appointment they are doing, again they will not be able to complete the appointment in time in a acceptable manner. One should be able-bodied acquainted about the affair that he/she is doing.

The important agency in a accumulation appointment is the discussion. The aggregation baton charge alarm a accumulation affair and altercate about present position of the work, how they can proceed, new account etc. If there is no altercation activity on about the strategies, again the aggregation associates will be assuming appropriately to their ambition and afterwards it becomes actual difficult to complete the appointment in a acceptable fashion. Alone from a counterbalanced altercation new account will be emerged.

Time administration is one of the analytical factors in a accumulation work. There charge be a time table and the accumulation should adviser it. If there is no prioritized time agenda for a appointment and at the aftermost moment the accumulation had to clutter to accomplishment the appointment and eventually fails to accommodated the expectations. In some cases some of the accumulation associates did not participate in altercation and they will abide quiet and aloof apprehend the altercation only. As a aftereffect the another the aggregation associates had to appointment a lot to atone for this and it furnishings the bland activity of the group.

Frustration amid aggregation associates is a absolutely accustomed botheration occurring in a accumulation work. In a group, if he/she thinks that their account are not giving any accent or another by the another accumulation associates and as a aftereffect they will be accepting balked and because of this a lot of problems may arise. At the time of altercation back one or two dominates the affair another aggregation associates may ahead that their account are not giving any antecedence and it may affect the aggregation outcomes.

Being of the appointment means, afterwards accepting the appointment the aggregation associates will not booty it actively and they decay time on arena or gossiping. At the aftermost moment alone they will be acquainted about the appointment and fails to accomplishment it afore the deadline. This is usually apparent in abounding of the accumulation works. Able advice amid accumulation associates is a actual important agency in a accumulation work. If there is no advice amid the aggregation associates they can’t aftermath a acceptable output. This is one of the capital problems that I had faced back I was alive in BPCL, India. How one can affected the aloft sited problems in a accumulation is discussed below.


For analytic the problems in a accumulation appointment there are abounding approaches, it mainly depends on the problems attributes and the actuality who had complex in that problem. Usually rational access is use to break the problems. Rational access agency analyse the problem, analysis for alternatives, appraise every alternative, baddest one, administer it and analysis whether the botheration is rectified or not.

Enough time charge be accustomed to the accumulation associates to acquaint themselves such as their name, character etc. A brainstorming area should be conducted to advance an abstraction about the accumulation project. In that area baddest one actuality as a aggregation baton and adjudge the date and time for the abutting affair and alpha to appointment on the task. This will advice to complete the appointment in a bigger manner. This will advice to adjust the botheration which causes due to apathetic alpha and poor planning. In the brainstorming area every aggregation associates charge be there and anniversary one had to accord their own ideas. Afterwards breeding the few account appraise it and try for further. If these approaches are not alive they can access the babysitter for guidance. List out the account which are proposed in the altercation and they charge be abiding that all the account had been tested. Encourage the aggregation associates to get some abhorrent suggestions sometimes it may advice to actualize new ideas.

For absolute the problems accompanying to the time management, timelines charge be accustomed in which all the accumulation associates charge accede on that. For every affair the aggregation affiliate charge appear with a beforehand address on what they had been accomplishing afterwards the aftermost meeting. The aggregation associates charge advice anniversary another for the achievement of task, for archetype a actuality is not able to do his appointment due to some affliction or some another reason.

One of the another problems in a accumulation will be abridgement of accord by members. For this the aggregation had to begin out why he /she is quiet and not active. Accomplish a babble with that actuality in the attendance of a non-participating affiliate to admit the acumen for the absence of captivation and the one who had talked charge try to break it. I had a agnate acquaintance back I was alive in BPCL, India. We handled the bearings in the aforementioned address and the acumen for that guy was some ancestors problem. Abutting we can analysis out how one can break the annoyance amid members. Every affiliate charge account the account of others and this doesn’t beggarly that one had abutment the another people’s abstraction blindly. They can appraise and accommodate advantageous comments about the idea. Back one had to disagree with one’s abstraction do it affably and the aggregation associates charge buck in apperception that they had to go for agreement and comprise while alive in a group.

In some accumulation appointment issues may ahead back one or two associates boss in the altercation and to boldness this, aggregation baton charge booty affliction of it. Every aggregation affiliate charge be accustomed adventitious to amplify their ideas. So back a actuality is beyond the time absolute one can acquaint affably that your time absolute is over and let us now apprehend what others had had to say and it will be advantageous for you also. For analytic the advice botheration aboriginal of all one had acquisition out what are the issues that aftereffect a accumulation appointment because of poor communication. Again analysis out for which appointment it is mainly effecting. For example, if there is a confounding amid the aggregation associates one had to booty accomplish to break this by giving a bright abstraction about the appointment and analyze their doubts.


To achieve I can hopefully sat that self-actualization charge in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Access motivated me a lot to booty my masters in marketing. Why I accept Bangor University for my masters is that Bangor is advancement a acceptable rank in the top universities in UK and the amount of active is additionally actual bargain back compared with another cities in United Kingdom. My access to acquirements is about commensurable to Larid’s Traditional acoustic dispatch access and the four factors that buck on apperception while belief is target, plan, clue beforehand and do it for life. I had sited abounding problems in a accumulation appointment in this article on which some of them are from my claimed acquaintance also.

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