Motivation and Behavior

  You are in allegation of developing a team-building action to advance accord and added advice for your aggregation members. You are the anew answer manager. Your administration is closing for the day so you accept four hours calm in a aggregation environment. Review the afterward capacity of aggregation members: Rosanna (46) and Mary (20) are two agents associates who do not get along. Rosanna is quiet and a loner. Mary is outspoken, and talks about her claimed action to friends. Cindy, (35), and Lolita, (40), are part-time staff. They are fatigued due to economy. They collaborate with abounding time staff, but abounding time agents ahead they accuse too abundant and shouldn’t because they are allotment time Chip is a twenty-three-year-old aliment artisan who works part-time job at night, in accession to full-time role. He is generally tired. Samir is fifty-five, works full-time, and cannot delay until retirement. Sarah (52) is a abrogating administration administrator who complains. She is a able breezy baton and has access over the group. Jerry is twenty-four and in alum school. He has a absolute attitude and is not motivated because no one brand to assignment together. You charge to bisect the aggregation into three groups. Remember this is a team-building activity. How will you accomplish the assurance which associates to put together? Should members, who accept a abrogating attitude, be placed with associates who are positive? Why or why not? How will a abrogating administrator affect the all-embracing accumulation activating as against to a absolute baton who wants to see the aggregation develop? How affecting can an breezy baton be amid aggregation members? What barriers to able teamwork can you ahead and how will it be addressed? Submission Details: Your presentation should abide of 12–15 able blush Microsoft PowerPoint slides (not including the appellation and advertence slide) forth with abundant apostle addendum to accommodate examples to abutment anniversary slide. Support your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format Present the added advice in the Addendum section.

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