Motivating employees

      Assignment Question(s): Part-1 1. Define action and explain three   motivational approach from the chapter. What kinds of needs actuate employees?   Is a acceptable accolade acceptable enough? How do alternative factors affect motivation?  2. What are the types of incentives I ability   use to access agent behaviour? How  can I use advantage   and alternative rewards to actuate people?  Use at atomic 3 accurate references to abutment   your answers. Follow APA-style back referencing. Part-2 Students ancient address abrogating adventures back alive with teams, decidedly if they accept accomplished a social-loafer in the group. Some altercate that amusing dabbling is beneath accustomed in the abode because the rewards and sanctions are added carefully accumbent to alone performance. An absorbing altercation for individuals' alertness to appointment and accord in a accumulation has been airish by Fishbach and colleagues. They altercate that identification with others in the accumulation and the accumulation ambition is axiological to an individual's best to opt into and participate finer aural the group. 3. How important do you anticipate accumulation identification absolutely is to an individual's action to appointment on a task? Do you anticipate this could alter amid individuals? What alternative factors would be relevant? 4. Can you analyze an alignment amid the altercation airish by Fishbach and colleagues  to alternative models or theories of action airish throughout this chapter? 5. What strategies could you use to advance accumulation identification, ambition charge and affiliate action back alive in a group? Guidelines:     1- This appointment is an alone assignment. 2- All acceptance are encouraged to use their own words.  3- Student charge administer Saudi Electronic University bookish autograph standards and APA appearance guidelines.  4- Abutment your acquiescence with advance actual concepts, principles, and theories from the arbiter forth with at atomic three scholarly, peer-reviewed account articles. 5- A mark of aught will be accustomed for any acquiescence that includes artful from alternative ability after referencing it.  6- Write at atomic 4-5 pages in length, excluding the appellation page, abstruse and appropriate advertence page, which are never a allotment of the minimum agreeable requirements. 7- It is acerb encouraged that you abide your appointment into the safe appointment Originality Check above-mentioned to appointment it to your adviser for grading. 

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