More Money More Problems

Literary Analysis Added Money, Added Problems The Great Gatsby was accounting by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In this story, there are a lot of twists and turns with several characters. Two characters that angle out the best are Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby. Akin admitting they are akin in some ways, in others they were absolutely different. The capital areas that showed their greatest differences were the way that they acquired their wealth, their relationships with Daisy, and the way they advised Nick. Akin admitting Tom was affiliated to Daisy, Jay Gatsby was not accommodating to accord up on his accurate adulation Daisy. First of all, akin admitting they both were wealthy, Tom absolutely came from abundance as declared “His ancestors was awfully wealthy…” (6). He enjoyed assuming off his abundance off in adjustment to accomplish others feel bad and accomplish himself feel important. An archetype of this would be back Tom told Mr. Wilson “No, he doesn’t,” said Tom coldly. “And if you feel that way about it, maybe I’d bigger advertise it about abroad afterwards all”. Gatsby on the alternative hand, becoming his abundance starting adolescent and alive for it. He bought a abode beyond the bay from Daisy aloof to be abutting to her. While he additionally showed off his abundance by accepting abundant parties, he did it alone to be apparent and affect his accurate love, Daisy. This is accurate by to Jordan’s statement, “I anticipate he bisected accepted her to admiration into one of his parties some night” (79). Another way that they were altered was the accord they had with Daisy. Akin admitting Tom was her husband, he cheated on her several times and acquired her shame. One break he had an activity with Myrtle Wilson, back he said “I appetite to see you…. Get on the abutting train” (26). The alternative break was when, ”The babe who was with him got into the papers, too, because her arm was broken-she was one of the chambermaids in the Santa Barbara Hotel” (77). This shows that he had absolutely no account for her. He additionally advised her added like property. On the alternative hand, Gatsby rebuilt his activity in hopes to see Daisy and accept a activity with her. Gatsby told her several times that he admired her and waited bristles years. He was additionally actual accurate about apropos her and her alliance as apparent back aggravating to align a activity with Daisy. He did not “want to do annihilation out of the way” (79) in adjustment to abstain putting her in an awkward position. Finally, the way that Tom advised Nick was analytical and about assistant like. Tom put Nick in the average of his extramarital activity after any admonishing or thought. Back the leash travelled to New York, Nick was about to go about his business but Tom told him, “No, you don’t…Myrtle’ll be aching if you don’t appear up to the apartment” (28). He had absolutely no attention for Nick’s animosity admitting him actuality accompanying to his wife. He had little attention for his animosity and accepted his presence. Gatsby, however, took the time to absolutely advise Nick and was never aweless akin back alignment to accommodated Daisy. He had such an aftereffect on him that Nick remained his acquaintance until the actual end. The means that Tom and Gatsby they acquired their wealth, their relationships with Daisy, and the way they advised Nick were some of the above differences amid the two. While they were akin on some levels, they were about different.

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