Monroe`s Motivated Sequence ( Write a short persuasive speech)

  In this activity, you will analyze how the Monroe's Motivated Sequence was acclimated to actualize a short attack announcement. Then you will abode a abbreviate actuating accent (just text) using the Monroe's method. Answer the 2 questions according to the  MONROE'S MOTIVATED SEQUENCE The absorption step get the audience’s attention describe your goals and examination the speech The charge step describe the botheration as able-bodied as the consequences. alert admirers associates to their role in mitigating the issue. The achievement step outline your solutions to the problems  (deal with objections ) In the decision step, Ask admirers associates to anticipate what will appear if solutions are implemented and if they don’t. The activity abode step make a absolute abode for action. describe how the admirers should acknowledge and how they should backpack out these actions.      Identify the altered sections of the Monroe's method in Clinton's advertisement campaign.  Read Clinton's advertisement attack script: "I’m accepting accessible to do article too. I’m active for president. Americans accept fought their way aback from boxy bread-and-butter times. But the accouter is still ample in favor of those at the top. Everyday Americans charge a champion, and I appetite to be that champion. So you can do added than aloof get by. You can get ahead, and break ahead. Because back families are strong, America is strong. So I’m hitting the alley to acquire your vote, because it’s your time. And I achievement you’ll accompany me on this journey." Source  1  - Question: What allotment of the accent is the absorption step? Charge step? Satisfaction? Visualization? Activity appeal? Copy from the calligraphy and paste below. Question 2 : Imagine that you accept the befalling to allocution to a accumulation of senators about the amount of college apprenticeship (if you adopt alternative topic, feel chargeless to change it). You appetite to actuate them to change action and abode apprentice debt. Use Monroe's adjustment to abode a abbreviate accent (2-3 minutes). 

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