Money and Banking Essay Portion

   Instructions: · Answer anniversary question 1. In “Low Absorption Rates,” Stanley Fischer outlines several affidavit why we ability be anxious about a agilely low accustomed amount of interest. (250 words) a. Define the accustomed amount of interest b. Explain how it is acclimated in budgetary policy c. Discuss the affidavit why Fischer is anxious that it has been agilely low 2. In “Where the Newly Created Money Went,” David Price explains the apropos that some economists in the Federal Reserve accept about the aggregate of balance affluence that were created in acknowledgment to the banking crisis. (250 words) a. What is the affair of aerial balance reserves? What could go amiss in the abridgement because the budgetary abject was added so dramatically? b. Should we be anxious about aggrandizement constant from such a ample access in the budgetary base? 3. Go to the web armpit of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (FRED) ( and acquisition the best contempo ethics for the M1 Money Stock (M1SL) and the St. Louis Adjusted Budgetary Abject (AMBSL). a. Using these data, account the amount of the money multiplier b. Assuming that the multiplier is according to the amount computed in allotment (a), if the budgetary abject increases by $400 million, by how abundant will the money accumulation increase? c. Is this constant with what you would accept expected? Explain

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