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  Instead of allotment a acceptable cardboard for your “Final Research Paper”, you will authenticate your compassionate of the accent of the final two phases of the Abstracts Analytics Lifecycle: Communicating the Results and Operationalizing. You accept advised assorted analytic methods, forth with analysis assorted accessible accoutrement and techniques. But as a Abstracts Scientist, you charge additionally acquaint what your aggregation has accomplished. For your Final “Paper”, you will actualize a Final Sponsor Presentation. You accept been assassin by Aetna to use big abstracts to advance accommodating health. The case abstraction you will use can be begin at: . Your appointment is to booty this case abstraction and actualize a PowerPoint Presentation of the Final Sponsor Presentation, as declared in Chapter 12 of your text. (Make abiding to use the architecture presented in Chapter 12.) You will abide a PowerPoint Presentation book (pptx) with at atomic the afterward slides: (You can abide more, but I'm mainly attractive for these six slides) Title (Your name + alternative info) Situation and Activity Goals (clearly explain why the activity is bare and its specific goals) Executive Summary (summarize the action AND findings) Approach Method Description Recommendations Note: There is no absolute advice in the case abstraction that covers the specific analytics methods used. You will extrapolate from the provided advice in the case abstraction and accommodate your own estimation of the adjustment (or methods) the Abstracts Science aggregation used. Draw from what we accept covered this division and map what you abstruse to what that aggregation apparently did. There is no explanation for this assignment. I appetite you to be as artistic as possible. Tell the story. Inspire your sponsors.  You MUST accommodate references for any ability you use in your presentation. You MUST present AND explain the Approach and Methods you accept for your project. (Note that you do not accept to absolutely apparatus these methods, but rather accept that you accept done so and explain what you affected to accept done.)

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