Modules 9 & 10 Reflection Journal

Modules 9 & 10 Module 9: Critical Agent Systems After account about the aliment and assurance of your agent in Module 9, amuse acknowledgment the afterward questions (using complete sentences, able spelling and grammar). Which car arrangement or affection listed in Module 9 do you anticipate is best important? The bench belt is the MOST important affection in the car to me. Why is that accurate affection so important? Because it will and can save my activity in a car blow or a actual abrupt stop. How do you account from that feature? Back I catch it I apperceive that I’m safe and secure. If we were to appear abutting or get into a car blow I apperceive that I would not be throwing from out of the car. Module 10: Sharing the Alley with Others Stops and Starts: Reflect on Module 10 and the absolute course. Look aback at your account entries. Back explaining, amuse acknowledgment in complete sentences, application able spelling and grammar. Being the Driver: Stops: Application the advice abstruse in this course, name three things you will not do back driving. I will NEVER use drugs or booze abaft the caster of the car, bubbler and application drugs are extraneous appear my life. My activity is abundant added than that. I will never argument or allocution on the buzz back driving, the alley will consistently accept my absorbed attention. I will never appearance out abaft the caster of a car, I can actual abundant abuse myself or a being central or about the car. Explain why you will not do these things while driving. I will not do these things because I can lose my activity or booty addition abroad life, a car is a apparatus that is controlled by me I am authoritative it and if I were to do any of those things I would not be authoritative it like I should be. Starts: Application the advice abstruse in this course, name three things you will do back driving. I will watch out for pedestrians and accomplish abiding that I am authoritative a complete stop at a stop sign. I will analysis all the mirrors afore active and put my bench belt on. Make abiding that I am advantageous absorption to the anchorage and aggregate that surrounds me. I will accomplish abiding that I pay absorption to all the signs on the anchorage and accomplish abiding that I apprehend them correctly. Explain why you will do these accurate things back driving. These are the rules and regulations of the anchorage and additionally laws that will accomplish us become bigger drivers and account the roads, alternative disciplinarian and additionally ourselves. Riding as a Passenger: Write about one affair you will stop accomplishing as a passenger. Bothering the disciplinarian while they are active and let them pay absorption to the road. Write about one affair you will alpha accomplishing as a passenger. Making abiding anybody in the car has on their bench belts.

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