Module 8: Pathophysiology In Disaster And Trauma Situations

Write a 1500-2000 chat APA formatted article of the afterward topics:

  • Differentiate amid several types of shock: cardiogenic, hypovolemic, obstructive, distributive, and septic. Explain the pathophysiology of each.
  • Discuss the risks of anguish and bloodshed and the alertness and blockage measures for one blazon of accustomed disaster
  • Explain how to set up for adversity closet in the emergency department. What items should it contain? Who should accept access?  Should it be locked?  What blazon of drills should be conducted?
  • Elaborate on the pathophysiology of burns. Differentiate amid first, second, and third amount burns.  What are the abeyant complications of each?
  • Discuss the pathogenesis and progression of ebola. What assurance apropos were addressed during the 2014 outbreak?

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