Module 8: Discussion Forum

  Based on the associate acknowledgment you accustomed in the Module 7 altercation about your wiki access and from your adviser apropos your draft, abode the afterward (100-400 words): Before drafting your antecedent post, booty time to reflect on aggregate you abstruse during the accomplished few weeks about argument, logic, and fallacy. Reread your abstract with an eye on logic, and accomplish agenda of any fallacies you bolt or claims that abridgement support. Take addition attending at your wiki access and draft, with an eye on your use of alfresco sources. Keep an eye out for missing citation marks, ailing paraphrased information, and in-text citations. Accomplish agenda of any errors or apropos you discover. Tell us about the capital areas of your cardboard that charge work. How do you plan to acclimatize your cardboard to "fix" any areas that charge improvement? Note if your reviewer(s) anticipation you addressed a capital purpose/thesis in your paper. Did your reviewer(s) anticipate you accomplished your audience? Do you anticipate you accomplished your audience? As you move on to alternative courses, how do you plan to use what you abstruse in this chic to aggrandize your analytical autograph skills? How ability you use these abilities for abode writing?

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